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Thread: Pixie Lott In Libertine – BUILD LDN

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    Default Pixie Lott In Libertine – BUILD LDN

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    The outfit is horrible, but it does look a little less horrifying on her than on the model, I think.
    The hair are... interesting.

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    Very 80s pop culture and kind of fun. It would be cuter as a dress or as either pants or the jacket by themselves. Not excited about the hairstyle (color is fine) or the lack of makeup or styling, but it looks better on Pixie than the model.
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    The hair looks good on her.
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    This is too try-hard for me and where is her hot boyfriend?
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    I tried to find an image of the print closeup out there but couldn't. I didn't try all that hard honestly. I suppose knowing who these heads belong to would make the outfit much more interesting. I did find one pic that showed some bedazzled areas but still couldn't make out a face. I think it would have been cooler with long flared legs. And no to the pink hair.

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