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Thread: Kristen Stewart in Roberto Cavalli & Dakota Fanning in Miu Miu - ELLE Awards

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    Default Kristen Stewart in Roberto Cavalli & Dakota Fanning in Miu Miu - ELLE Awards

    ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards

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    I'm not a fan of cut outs, but I think Kristen looks fierce in this. She is really embracing her own style.

    That first pic of Dakato has weirdly distorted her head.
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    Hey look Dakota matched her dress to her hair. Piss yellow.

    I think Kristen looks good but I hate the cut outs.
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    Just checking to see if Kristen still has greasy blonde hair. Yep.
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    Kristen always looks like she can barely stand in heels. It's like a kid playing dress up and not knowing how to stand, but she's been doing it for years now. I think she's really pretty but I do not like the dirty blonde hair.

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