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Thread: Amanda Peet & Minnie Driver - 2016 Hammer Museum Gala

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    Default Amanda Peet & Minnie Driver - 2016 Hammer Museum Gala

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    I would like Amanda's dress more if it were fitted at the bottom, but I like the fabric. I think I like her hair color, but it's hard to tell with the flash.

    Plate Face looks more or less the same as always.
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    No to Amanda's lipstick and the way she is standing.

    Minnie's dress is hideous.
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    amanda's hair looks great but no to the outfit. i would hate both the belt and the dress on their own but together they're just beyond fug.

    minnie needs to eat and cut her hair but i like her outfit. i'm not usually a fan of the ubiquitous 70s maxi dress that that every woman seems to love but if anyone has the statuesque figure for it, it's her.
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    Amanda is gorgeous but the outfit sucks.

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    Hate both outfits. I still think Minnie looks good though.
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    Minnie kinda looks like Alanis Morissette with her hair straightened.

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