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Thread: Michelle Williams & Reese Witherspoon in Ulyana Sergeenko

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    Default Michelle Williams & Reese Witherspoon in Ulyana Sergeenko

    Toronto's Shangri-La Hotel Sunday event to honor the 12 Years a Slave stunner
    Home | Daily Mail Online

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    Not feeling Reese's outfit or hair at all. On the fence about the bottom of Michelle's dress, but I like the rest of it. Normally, I like the strange little embellishments, but this would have been just as cute without the asymmetric thing.
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    i like reese's dress but not the long t shirt dress.
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    Too bad the designer got lazy and stopped cutting Michelle's dress. Reese's is made from my grandmother's couch.
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    Such a study in contrasts - Michelle with an edgy haircut, platinum colour and asymmetrical dress, and then dull as dishwater Reese with her prom curls and sweetheart neckline, not a risk taking bone in her body.

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    Reese should go back to short hair. I preferred it on her.
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    Michelle's skin is flawless. She works 'edgy' like a pro. Love it ! Hope she always stay with it til the greys come in then I can imagine her going softer.

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    michelle williams looks great if you ignore that weird skirt appendage - cool idea, crappy execution. love her hair and make up though and overall she looks great.

    reese looks twee and girlie as fuck, and not in a good way.
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    I hate Michelle's hair.

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    Ugh. Reese's dress reminds me of a Jessica McClintock bridesmaid dress I was forced to wear once. Except mine was tea-length.
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