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Thread: Florence Welch & Winnie Harlow - GQ Men of the Year Awards 2016

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    Default Florence Welch & Winnie Harlow - GQ Men of the Year Awards 2016

    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    Florence makes my eyes roll so hard and so far back I saw my spinal cord.

    If the other trick wanted to look tacky as fuck, she succeeded.
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    ^lol Pretty much sums it up for me...

    Florence looks like a fancy occult book store owner on her way to a cocktail party circa 1968. I'll give her pass at least on the dress (not so much the shoes though), because I usually try to give some latitude to music people because you know they're going to wear something over-the-top identifiable to their persona, eye-roll inducing though that may be.

    Winnie, on the other hand...I don't know what she's wearing and I hate the hair...
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    Same old for Florence.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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