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Thread: Tom Hiddleston wearing a red/crimson suit at ATAS/SAG Panel "The Night Manager"

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    Default Tom Hiddleston wearing a red/crimson suit at ATAS/SAG Panel "The Night Manager"

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    No, no, NOOO. Of course he's not the boy's father. Look at the turn ups on his jeans!

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    Dapper as usual.
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    Not overly keen on that shade, blue is his colour.
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    The scuffed soles of his shoes kind of ruin the look, sad to say.
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    this is a GENUINE DELIGHT my heart is SINGING what a GLORIOUS DAY we are blessed with

    i cannot even describe my first sighting of this suit from ATAS/SAG panel and Screening of ‘the night manager’. we’ve seen so many blue and black suits on the recent red carpet runs and suddenly BAM we’ve got this red wonder. what colour shall we call this? rust? carmine? WHO CARES BITCHES IT’S STUNNING AND SHOCKING AND INVIGORATING

    i love that instead of wearing blue to bring out tom’s eyes (a fabulous but very standard move) this stylist has decided to put him in red to draw out the scottish strawberry-blond-ness of his hair.

    bonus points for the dark purple tie, it’s a brave choice given the amount of colour already emanating from this outfit. it’d be easier to go without a tie (not that tom would ever dare) or throw on something basic and monochromatic than to choose this little number, so kudos for courage there. i think it works charmingly.

    last but not least, because tom has finally learned to close his legs and sit like the precious dainty flower he is we can get these glorious shots of the soles of his brown louboutin loafers, which fantastically proves his adoration for them (look at that wear, that is a much-loved pair of shoes ladies and gentlemen and non-binary buddies).

    anyhow, i could talk all day about this beautiful set of photos but instead i’ll just retire into a pile of jelly and whimper lightly for the next few days BYE

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    This man could wear a suit the color of baby diarrhea and would still look handsome, IMO.
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    I'm usually a fan of slightly dorky looking British fellas, but this one doesn't do a thing for me. I do like the suit, though, and this is the closest I've come to getting it.

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