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Thread: Dakota Johnson, Salma Hayek, Charlotte Casiraghi ... - Gucci Spring 2016 Front Row

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    Default Dakota Johnson, Salma Hayek, Charlotte Casiraghi ... - Gucci Spring 2016 Front Row

    Gucci Spring 2016 Front Row

    A group of Gucci-donning pretties were seated front row at the Gucci Spring 2016 show held during Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday (September 23) in Milan, Italy.
    Dakota Johnson: This Gucci Fall 2015 frock, accented by a bow collar and bee brooches, saw the ‘Black Mass’ actress exploring the rich colourway of burgundy along with more ruffles and embellishment than we sometimes see from her sleekly simple statements. However, it only proved that this brand of feminine charm works for her just, as well.
    Salma Hayek: Her Resort 2016 look likewise had a touch of darlingness with the embroidered sweater serving up a sweet retro sensibility balanced by iconic horsebit-belted skirt. I love the pop of the red leather Gucci GG ‘Marmont’ clutch that plays off the floral patchwork. The massive platform pumps were less successful.
    Alexa Chung: While part of me wished to see the full detail of this Resort 2015 vintage-leaning dress and its embellished collar, the other part of me was just as happy about the chicly clean, modern edge that the black coat provided in pairing with the horsebit natural fur Gucci slippers.

    Charlotte Casiraghi: Chevron stripes and a throwback mood defined Charlotte’s colourfully geometric Resort 2016 dress that certainly had the makings of a rosy outlook. The animal-head belt and metallic-pink Gucci ‘Sylvia’ sandals provided a quirky finish to the ensemble.
    Anna Dello Russo: Speaking of quirky, there was a downright fashion mania happening with the Vogue editrix’s look that was a close mirror image of its original Fall 2015 runway presentation. The discordant mix of upholstery-like florals with the bright red blouse and black shoes was nothing short of eye-catching—like it or not. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but say what you will, Anna can always be counted on to embrace the more eccentric statements and push the style envelope. I do wish the Gucci ‘Dionysus’ handbag and abstractly-printed hat had been banished as they only muddled the effect even more.

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    Love Charlotte's dress.
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    Anna Dello Russo - what a trollish looking woman.

    Side rant: I will never, never, never understand how women, in such prominent positions in fashion and beauty for God's sake, let themselves out looking like they do. I understand if someone doesn't have the most attractive face, but good's like she's trying to make it worse with that horrible tan and limp hair that is not flattering in color or style. Oy, and that outfit. Really???? Same with what's-her-talon-hands? Anna Wintour or someone?
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    To me, they all look awful except for Salma. And Salma, small though she is, should not be wearing those clodhoppers.
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    Loved Salma's outfit til it got to the shoes, yikes. Dakota looks nice but then again I have a soft spot for her. This Alexa Chung person needs to eat a couple of sandwiches. Casiraghi is looking harsh, bit of a fail. I have no words for that swamp creature next to her.
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    I wish dressing up properly would come back in style. I came of age in the late 60's to early 70's and it was on the way out even back then. I never got to be the glamorous grown up I saw as a child in the 50's.
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    Charlotte C is morphing into her haggard mother. Those Grimaldis have a brief, shining moment of youthful gorgeousness and then suddenly lose it all.
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    So true, A*O. Though Charlotte is still beautiful and young, the bloom is off.
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    They all look terrible

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