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Thread: Kelly Preston In Oliver Tolentino Couture – amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala

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    Default Kelly Preston In Oliver Tolentino Couture – amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala

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    The tits are squished way too high but you can't beat a classic red dress. That's a serious necklace too. It's sweet she makes so much effort for a lost cause.
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    If he's going to glue on a chin nest, I don't know why he doesn't bother lining it up properly.

    She looks like a Real Housewife.
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    I don't like the dress on her, but her face looks gorgeous. I think maybe she gained some weight recently and it's done a wonders for her. The pic of her with Heidi Klum the other day was a prime example of the negative effects being too thin can have on aging. Heidi looked drawn and tired while Kelly never looked better. If she's had work done, it's definitely good work, but I mostly think it's just some extra fullness.
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    I don't care for the dress but she looks good.
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    She looks like Olivia Newton-John in these pics. Maybe she's hoping that will get his attention!
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    ^ She looks like Olivia Newton John wishes she looked! I think she looks great.

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