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Thread: Anna Chlumsky in Honor and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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    That color is horrible on Anna and the fit sucks too. Worst of all, it's wrinkled. All around fail.

    I feel like I've seen Julia in this before, but maybe it was just really similiar. Either way, I'm underwhelmed. She looks great, but it feels redundant for some reason.
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    If she was going to show up in some all around unflattering shit, the very least Chlumsky could've done was had the fucking dress steamed.
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    This looks better than the dress Anna wore at the dinner.

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    Both dresses look wrinkled, I think these photos may have been taken after they have been sitting for some time (after the event, maybe?)
    Anyway, Anna's dress isn't very elegant, but she's making it worse with those accessories (those sandals, ugh) and a different nail polish on her toes, I think.

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