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Thread: Dita Von Teese in Christian Siriano

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    This lady's cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist are masters. I want them to work on me. She's probably having stuff done, but it's so subtle. At the very least, she makes an excellent case for staying out of the sun.
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    Aside from the shoes that don't look like they fit, I really love this. And it fits her style, but in a less literal way than the stuff she usually wears. It's vampy without being campy.

    Didn't really mean for that to rhyme.
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    She looks great with flawless makeup as always.

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    I like this.
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    I wonder what she will look like at 80. Probably the same as now.
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    ^^most likely. She's a walking advert for the benefits of sunscreen and hats.

    This dress is unusually flattering, even for her.
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