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Thread: Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley: Alexa's Concert in NYC on 4/1/2014

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    Default Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley: Alexa's Concert in NYC on 4/1/2014


    Alexa Ray Joel performed at Manhattan's cabaret and supper club Cafe Carlyle on Tuesday, April 1, 2013. Her mother Christie Brinkley was there to support her

    Full Article(s) and More Pictures on
    Alexa Ray Joel performs in concert with mother Christie Brinkley in crowd | Mail Online

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    What is going on with Alexa's nose? I don't remember it being so . . . like that.
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    Alexa looks really pretty but I hope she's done with the surgery.
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    I know she's had surgery, and I hope she'll leave it at this, because I think Alexa is much prettier and interesting looking in these pictures than her bubblegum pretty vapid mom.
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    alexa appears to have had several surgeries on her nose at least. she definitely needs to stop where she is.

    alexa's giving me vibes of that girl that was on the whitney show and is now on that friends with better marriages show.
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    Alexa looks good, but I agree, any further and she'll start looking cartoonish. She may have already gone a little too far with the nose, but I'm glad she got her teeth fixed.
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