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Thread: Cheryl Cole with New (Lighter) Hair: X Factor Press Conference in London on 3/11/2014

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    Default Cheryl Cole with New (Lighter) Hair: X Factor Press Conference in London on 3/11/2014


    Cheryl Cole at a press conference after announcing her return to The X Factor on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    with Simon Cowell

    Full Article(s) and More Pictures on
    Cheryl Cole unveils newly-dyed lighter locks at X Factor press conference after confirming her return | Mail Online

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    Looks like she colored it herself.

    I hate ombre anyway. Slovenly looking root growth isn't a style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    Looks like she colored it herself.
    . . . with Sun-In.
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    She has no hair to speak of so this is the best she's looked for ages!

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    I also hate ombré hair.
    I don't understand the purpose of a hairstyle that makes your roots look greasy and your ends look fried.
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    *happily parades around thread after dying her hair ombré at the weekend*

    I love it, and I finally caved. It doesn't make my hair look greasy, in fact it adds depth to the ends and as I have fine hair, that's a mega plus for me. My colour is red-based and my ends are gingery, not blonde. I'd say about one third of my hair is lighter than the rest. IMO Cheryl's hair isn't REALLY ombré. It's not meant to be done anywhere near your roots, the point is not to look like you've missed a couple of colouring sessions.
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    She looks better with darker hair.
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    Oh glob, this looks like when I used to lighten my own hair with bathroom chemicals circa 1996.
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