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Thread: Rihanna in Paris on 2/27-28/2014

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    Default Rihanna in Paris on 2/27-28/2014

    From and

    Rihanna keeps her fur wrapped around her upper body as she poses for a picture at the Lanvin show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 on Thursday (February 27) in Paris, France.

    FYI: Rihanna is wearing Lanvin Pre-Fall 2014 and Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry rings and earrings.

    Full Article(s) and More Pictures on and
    Rihanna Wears Her Fur to the Lanvin Paris Fashion Show | Rihanna : Just Jared

    Rihanna Wearing Lanvin - Lanvin Fall 2014 Front Row | Because I Am Fabulous

    Rihanna Covers Up Her Sexy Black Dress with Red Coat at Dior Show | Rihanna : Just Jared

    Christian Dior Fall 2014 Front Row | Because I Am Fabulous

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    Sigh. I guess everyone hates her? I don't care much about her personality or music, but I do think she is really gorgeous but somehow makes everything look like clownwear. Don't get it.
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    Whoa, I didn't know she had tatted her hands so much.

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    Elite Member rollo's Avatar
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    I don't hate her. I'd rather see Rihanna rocking the first look than Lily Allen with her sponsored bags.

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    She makes my fist twitch.
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    I've seen hookers look classier
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    I don't hate her either I just hate her fashion sense. She has a fucking incredible face but usually manages to look horrible.
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    That outfit is awful. Her tatted up hands just make it look super ghetto. First rule of Tat Club is never ink the hands. Especially on a woman. Luckily, she doesn't have to worry about getting a real job.
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    It's a mehndi design, so that hand tats don't bother me, although I think it'd look better if they were reddish/sepia. Black mehndi (that is, mehndi that dries & flakes off into a black-colored design) is made out of toxic chemicals, so it kind of ruins the look if it looks like she's poisoning herself.

    What I find more disturbing are her rings and nails, which (because of her slender fingers) make her hands a bit witchy. She's very beautiful and I think her fashion is fun, even if it doesn't always look good on her or straddles the taste border.

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