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Thread: Queen Pushing Royal Makeover for Kate

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    Default Queen Pushing Royal Makeover for Kate

    Queen Pushing Royal Makeover for Kate


    By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff

    Posted Feb 3, 2014 10:20 AM CST

    (NEWSER) – When you see Kate Middleton on an Australian tour in April, don't be surprised if she looks a little different. According to the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth has been urging a makeover for the duchess for the trip, involving more tiaras, more jewels, ... and longer skirts. Designers are working on elegant dresses that are more sophisticated than Kate's normal attire (and less likely to blow around immodestly in the wind), and the queen's own personal dresser is reportedly helping prepare Kate's wardrobe for the three-and-a-half-week trip."Her understanding is crucial because this trip will be about Kate appearing more royal than ever," a palace source explains. "The queen will be watching closely." Adds a designer who's helped with past royal wardrobes, "Even a modern-day royal needs help with dressing. Kate is going to be scrutinized from head to toe. ... It takes weeks of research. ... There's no room for a fashion faux pas." Kate's probably dressed pretty casually at the moment: She's taken royal babe George on his first family vacation, to a Caribbean island with her parents and siblings, Usreports.

    Source: Queen Pushing Royal Makeover for Kate - Expect lower hemlines, more tiaras

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    Ah the Daily Mail.
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    I hope she doesn't change her too much. I think people more relate to her because she isn't completely royal. I don't think a tiara will change how people see her.

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    Glad to see HRH Liz and I agree, as usual. I've been saying her skirts are too short for ages.

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    Doesn't Liz have anything better to do? Like figure out where her money went?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Doesn't Liz have anything better to do? Like figure out where her money went?
    Huh? Did I miss something?

    I think Kate does maybe need to dress a bit more regally when she's on duty. She wears too short skirts because she has great legs and she knows it. What really bugs me is the loose hair which just isn't appropriate on formal occasions. With the right updo and a tiara she'd look spectacular. She now has access to a huge choice of royal bling, including tiaras, which people expect to see even if she doesn't like it. I hope she listens to the experts and realises that being royal means keeping other people happy, not yourself.
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    I can think of one or two instances where her skirt rode up her thighs a bit when she was exiting a vehicle, but I thought Kate generally wore knee-length skirts?
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    I wish I had photoshop so I could put the Queen's hairdo on Kate, and some of her old lady clothes.
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    Kate, Duchess of Cambridge to rely on Diana's dressmakers for Royal tour of Australia | Mail Online

    Kate to rely on Princess Diana's dressmakers for Royal tour of Australia
    By Mail On Sunday Diary
    PUBLISHED: 18:35 EST, 15 February 2014 | UPDATED: 12:22 EST, 16 February 2014

    The Duchess of Cambridge has turned to one of Princess Diana’s most-loved fashion labels to help dress her for the landmark Royal tour of New Zealand and Australia.

    After instructions from the Queen to lower her hemlines, she has become a fan of Catherine Walker – a designer brand worn by Prince William’s mother for 16 years.

    Kate is most likely to wear Catherine Walker day dresses – which are the label’s area of expertise.

    The Duchess of Cambridge, pictured opening a school in London on Valentine's Day, is looking to one of Princess Diana's favourite designers ahead of her trip to Oz

    But the Duchess will also need show-stopping evening dresses. And Kate has asked the fashion house to create some bespoke gowns, which can cost more than £40,000.

    Catherine Walker’s relationship with Diana lasted from a few months after her wedding to Prince Charles until her death in 1997.

    Since then Ms Walker has also died, but her husband has continued to run the fashion house in her name. Kate’s mother Carole also loves the brand.

    ‘Kate’s mother Carole wore Catherine Walker to the Royal christening and to the Royal wedding,’ said a Palace insider.

    ‘She loves the cut of the clothes and the quality of the fabric – and now Kate is a fan.’

    Royal seal of approval: Princess Diana often wore Catherine Walker dresses, left during an official visit to Brazil and right at a charity ball in the UK

    Kate, 32, will not be taking a dresser with her for the three-week trip, despite the fact that she will be changing as many as four times a day.

    Another source said: ‘Catherine Walker is a byword for glamorous, yet conservative and comfortable clothing. The Duchess loves the designs and Carole pointed Kate in that direction.’

    Kate has stepped out in Catherine Walker before, in July 2011, during the Cambridges’ tour of Canada – their first as a married couple.

    Her decision was seen as a tribute to Diana. The tour in April will remind many of the visit to Australia by Charles and Diana in 1983 with baby William.

    Always in style: The Duchess of Cambridge wore Catherine Walker to a tree planting ceremony in Ottawa during her and Prince William's Royal tour of Canada

    Read more: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge to rely on Diana's dressmakers for Royal tour of Australia | Mail Online

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