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Thread: Kate Mara In Michael Kors – AFI Awards 2014

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    Default Kate Mara In Michael Kors – AFI Awards 2014

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    Doesn't even look like her. For a second, I thought it was Jamie King. Fits her nicely, though. Not a fan of the color, but at least she tries. She's a marginally better dresser than her sister, which is a pretty savvy move if she wants people to rethink who the "pretty one" is. Now all she needs is Rooney standing next to her in full on goth mode.
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    I like house of cards but I can't like her. She reminds me of a ferret.
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    Yep, still slappable.
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    The pattern of the fabric is nice and the belt looks great .. but the shoulders are just too square and the neckline ... gah!.. i just don't 'get' the high neckline thing, so many dress's and tops have.

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    I glanced and thought it was Sienna Miller. I don't mind the dress/belt, but dislike the shoes.

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    Unfortunately I think she is the "pretty one", but I use that term very loosely as I find them both unattractive and vermin-looking. I've seen her up close in person and granted she wasn't wearing any makeup but she was no beauty and even more ratty looking in real life. Mega bitch face too.
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