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Thread: Princess Diana's fairytale ballgown sold for £102,000 at auction

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    Default Princess Diana's fairytale ballgown sold for £102,000 at auction

    • Ornate gold and white gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel
    • Princess Diana wore it at The Living Daylights premiere in London in 1987
    • She originally saw the dress at a Red Cross benefit fashion show in 1986
    • A museum based overseas bought the dress despite much US interest

    A 'fairytale' dress that once belonged to Princess Diana has sold for more than £100,000 at auction.
    The ornate gold and white gown, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, features sequins, crystals and pearl beads and was worn by Diana on several occasions, including the premiere of James Bond film The Living Daylights.
    It was sold by Kerry Taylor Auctions in London for £102,000, including buyer’s premium, having been estimated to reach between £50,000 and £80,000.
    There was a huge amount of interest from the US but a museum based in another overseas country made the successful bid.

    Fairytale: The ornate gown, right, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, worn by the Princess of Waes in 1986, left, sold at Kerry Taylor Auctions in south London

    Kerry Taylor said: 'This is the 11th Princess Diana dress that I have sold this year, and I feel very lucky and privileged.
    'It is a beautiful dress, worn by a beautiful woman, and deserved to do well.'
    The auctioneer described the dress as having a 'pretty, fairytale princess feel to it' and added that the dress’s current owner 'is pleased that the gown will be preserved for others to enjoy in years to come'.
    It is not yet known where the gown’s new home will be.

    Expensive: The dress was expected to fetch between £50,000 and £80,000 at auction, but went for more than £100,000

    Diana first saw the dress at a Red Cross benefit fashion show in summer 1986, and rather than having it specially commissioned from the designers, she was happy to take the standard size 10 dress from the show.
    She wore it at a banquet at the German ambassador’s residence in London in July 1986, and to the Royal Opera House for a performance of Ivan The Terrible by the Bolshoi Ballet later the same month, as well as to the film premiere in Leicester Square the following year.
    The dress was part of the Emanuels’ Diaghilev collection, which was inspired by Leon Bakst’s geometric designs for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes.
    According to the auctioneer, Elizabeth Emanuel said that because of its lavish decoration and striking gold and white colours, the dress was something that people would either love or hate and she remembered that the Princess told her she 'loved it'.
    Her former husband David is currently on I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! on ITV.
    The Emanuels were a fashion favourite of the Princess and they made special ensembles and evening gowns for Diana’s overseas tours with the Prince of Wales, as well as producing maternity wear for her.

    Read more: Princess Diana's 'fairytale' dress sells for £100k to unknown buyer | Mail Online
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    yuck, that's bad even for the 80s....
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    I like it, it's like the 80's interpretation of an Elizabethan princess ballgown.

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    At least she wore it without the sleeves, though the dress is fug.
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    hate it. she had shit taste, even for the times.

    that the same designer that did her wedding dress, and is sort of in the same vein.
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    If she was still alive,that shit will serve as a dust cloth..

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    That is way expensive.
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    It's bad. Looks better on her than on the mannequin. That's the best I have to say.

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    For the 80s, it's pretty good. I like the Elizabethan angle, saves the whole thing imo.

    You know, I HATED 80s fashion but often found Diana's choices marginally less painful than the shit I usually got stuck wearing. I used to default to jeans whenever possible, and even those were often back then.

    Not for the first time, I wish Diana were still alive because

    1. I doubt she'd ever have outgrown her drama-queenery so, her mega-thread here would be an epic drunken gossip revel and

    2. her fashion choices might've been interesting, she had good color sense and damn the bitch, she looked great in everything, no matter how hideous.

    Oh well.
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    Why does the dress look all yellowed and stained?

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    It IS yellowed. And it is ugly. The wedding dress was ugly too; I remember thinking that even as a child. Di always looked best in dark colors, anyway.
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    She wore it well.
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