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Thread: Claudia Bahamon, Laura Tobon, and Enrique Iglesias at the Latin GRAMMYs in Las Vegas

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    Default Claudia Bahamon, Laura Tobon, and Enrique Iglesias at the Latin GRAMMYs in Las Vegas

    Laura Tobon and Claudia Bahamon

    Claudia Bahamon

    Laura Tobon and Enrique Iglesias

    El Dasa and Enrique Iglesias

    Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias

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    Enrique's foundation was applied in the dark and only on the cheekbones, his chin is obviously lighter.

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    why do so many women get sweat spots in their fancy dresses? my younger sister had problems with excessively wet pits, but she found some clinical strength deodorant (but she was able to buy it over the counter) and it fixed the problem. and these people are rich, with assistants and stuff. they could get botox shots in their pits to stop the wetness.

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    Enrique is the only one that looks good here and he has too much make up on.
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    Enrique's hair is so fake.

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    HIs face is looking a bit stiff too.

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    The one in the blue dress, I can't stop laughing at her.
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