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Thread: Kraptastic Kardashian Klothing megathread

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    Kim Kardashian tweets photo showing off sexy leopard Halloween costume

    Reality TV star, who says she's on the prowl for the right outfit, dons a racy getup with a sheer midsection.

    Kim Kardashian had something to get off her chest.
    The reality TV star known to tweet out provocative pictures couldn't wait to show offer her chest-flattering Halloween costume to her more than 16 million followers on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday afternoon.
    "Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping," Kardashian tweeted with a picture of herself in a leopard costume notable for the see-through mesh that barely covered her cleavage.

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    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    The new workout plan: Kim Kardashian has put on two stone after finding love with Kanye West

    By J J Anisiobi

    PUBLISHED: 17:08, 16 October 2012 | UPDATED: 19:32, 16 October 2012

    Kim Kardashian has become a household name thanks to her reality TV shows and her curvy derriere.

    However, her famous hourglass figure has grown by two stone since she started dating Kanye West - and he loves every inch of it.

    Kim, 31, has slowed down her hardcore exercise regime and now weighs more than she ever has at around nine stone.

    Feeling good: Kim Kardashian, pictured earlier this month in Miami, has put on two stone since dating Kanye West, and was visibly slimmer last year

    She has gone up to a size 12, having previously been a size 8, and she is happy to skip trips to the gym in favour of staying in bed with Kanye.

    A friend of Kim's told heat magazine: 'Instead of hitting the gym at 6am, she's finding herself staying in bed with Kanye and really letting her guard down.'

    Her rapper boyfriend is said to be happy with her new shape and he has been encouraging her to diet less.

    Swimsuit contest: In her beach wear last month, left, Kim looked rounder than in her blue two-piece in April

    Finding happiness: Kim, pictured this month, left, and in 2007, right, has been exercising less and Kanye is happy with growing curves

    Kanye has never made a secret of his love of curvy girls and he often references the feminine form in his songs.

    He raps on Good Life: 'Welcome to the good life, where we like the girls who ain't on TV 'cause they got more ass than the models.'

    With Kanye having a healthy appetite for food, his relaxed attitude has rubbed off on Kim too.

    A friend told heat: 'She's normally ruthless when it comes to diet and exercise, but since she met Kanye her discipline has gone out the window.'
    Healthy appetite: Kim, pictured working out earlier this month, has been enjoying lazy days with Kanye but says she wants to lose a little bit of weight

    The fact that Kim makes a living by posing in her swimwear means that even with Kanye's support, she is still a little self-conscious about her weight gain.

    She said earlier this month: 'I'm hoping to slim down a little bit, and I'm not afraid to say it.

    'I think everyone goes up and down in whatever that comfortable love-relationship phase is [she doesn't know ], where you like to eat out [or you could cook?], but now it's time to get it together again.'

    Hungry guy: Kanye's big appetite and healthy attitude to food has rubbed off Kim, who has gone from a size 8 to a size 12

    Read more: The new workout plan: Kim Kardashian has put on two stone and Kanye West loves her new curves | Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw View Post
    Kim closes her eyes and pretends it's Reggie.
    I'm not even kidding, I read that as Kanye closes his eyes and pretends it's Reggie.....which also would not surprise me. lol


    Jan 1
    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s baby was planned & conceived in Rome

    Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage in Las Vegas last night. Kim was paid $300,000 to party there for NYE. I mean… I guess she was the official hostess or something. Did Kanye get paid too, or did he just show up for free to support his baby mama? I have to admit – that was probably the best $300,000 spent for The Mirage. They probably just paid Kim, and they got bonus Kanye and because Kim just announced her pregnancy, that means this is the first post-official-bump red carpet photos of Kimye so EVERY SITE will run these. Money well spent, that’s all I’m saying.
    As for Kim and Kanye’s baby and all of that… well, there are 20 million new stories about them and the conception and what will happen once Kim gives birth, etc. Here are some highlights:
    *TMZ did the math and they figure that Kim got knocked up during her trip (with Kanye) to Rome, Italy. Kanye took her to Rome for her 32nd birthday, and they spent several days sightseeing, checking out the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and Vatican City. Meaning The Holy See might have had something to do with this?!
    *Page Six’s sources say that Kanye probably won’t want to sell the baby photos but Kim will want to. A source says, “Like Jay-Z and Beyoncé did with their little Blue Ivy [they put the pics on Tumblr], Kanye will want to post the pictures his way, probably publicly through Twitter — which will no doubt put him at odds with matriarch Kris Jenner, who’ll want to make a deal with the highest bidder.”
    *But! TMZ’s sources say that Kim has already been telling people that she doesn’t want their kid to be a reality star… yet! They “don’t want their baby dragged into the family biz” and they want to “ensure real privacy” for the baby. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, we’ll see. Kris Jenner won’t be happy about that. Kris Jenner shall sell this baby to the highest bidder!! Kim is also claiming that she doesn’t want a spinoff show with Kanye, nor will she want a “birth special”
    *So, what’s Kanye up to? Is he excited about the baby? Sources claim he’s just thrilled. A source tells Hollywood Life, “He’s known this for some time now. You don’t even know how f**king excited this [guy] is about being a father… I don’t know if I should say this, but [Kanye] was crying when Kim told him she was knocked up… I heard he got on his knees in front of Kim, she rubbed his head while he was crying and he was kissing her stomach. Guess he was overwhelmed at that point and couldn’t believe he’s about to be a father.” Okay, that actually got me a little bit. It made me think about how much he must miss his mom. #kanyetears
    *And here’s the real money shot (so to speak!): sources say that Kanye is definitely going to marry that ass once that ass finally divorces Kris Humphries. A source tells Hollywood Life, “Kim has been trying for a baby for a few months. She got off birth control and it was a decision she and Kanye both made. They wanted to get married before starting a family but the divorce changed everything because it’s taken so long to finalize. Kanye and Kim will definitely get married after the divorce is settled with Kris.”
    Prepare yourselves! It’s going to be MONTHS full of this baby drama and divorce drama (from Kris and Kim) and then wedding drama. Kim got her hooks into a big fish (ha!) and she’s not going to let go any time soon.

    Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Judy Eddy/


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    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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    Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Sheer Top at ICED Festival!

    Kim Kardashian shows off her bra in a sheer top while walking the red carpet the ICED Festival at Cowboys Dance Hall on Friday (January 4) in Calgary, Canada.
    The 32-year-old reality star shared a blog post on her website the day before on how she is keeping fit during her pregnancy.
    Tracy Anderson is keeping me in shape! She is helping me make the adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby,” Kim wrote. “It’s really important for me to have a fitness routine that works for my body and my schedule and I’m really happy with the workout plan Tracy is working with me on.”

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    I should have said "try to legitimize". I hate everything she wears. This is awful:

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    regnant Kim Kardashian's gaping blouse struggles to contain her curves on Paris date with Kanye West

    By Jade Watkins
    PUBLISHED: 19:29, 11 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:43, 11 January 2013

    She is in the early stages of her pregnancy, thought to be around the three month mark.
    And it seems that Kim Kardashian's blossoming figure is causing havoc on her designer wardrobe.
    The 32-year-old reality star stepped out in a pretty ruffled blouse as she and Kanye West went to a meeting at designer Stephane Rolland's showroom in Paris on Friday.

    Busting out: Pregnant Kim Kardashian's blouse was gaping around the bust area as she stepped out with boyfriend Kanye West in Paris on Friday

    But the white attire appeared to struggle to contain the reality star's pregnancy curves, the buttons gaping around Kim's bust area.

    Despite her outfit being a little on the small side, Kim otherwise looked chic in her ensemble which also consisted of a matching white A-line miniskirt, a black overcoat and black leather stilettos.
    She accessorised with fuzzy mittens and wore her raven hair out in a straight style.

    Mind the gaps: The white attire appeared to struggle to contain the reality star's pregnancy curves, the buttons gaping around Kim's bust area

    Leggy: Kim also displayed her legs in a matching white miniskirt

    Meanwhile, Kanye, who doted over his ladylove, also kept warm in a beige lapel-less overcoat, which he wore over a pair of black trousers and a denim shirt.
    The couple appeared to be a little on the tired side, with pregnant Kim looking especially fatigued.
    And it is no surprise, as the pair have been jet-setting around Europe for several days now.

    Chic and cute: Despite her outfit being a little on the small side, Kim otherwise looked chic in her ensemble, which also consisted of a black overcoat and black leather stilettos

    Feeling sleepy? The pair appeared to be a little on the tired side, with pregnant Kim looking especially fatigued

    On Thursday, the couple arrive at Charles De Gaulle airport after enjoying a whistle stop romantic getaway in Venice, Italy.
    The Keeping Up The Kardashians star, who is expecting her first child with the rapper, bundled herself up from the cold European winter in a large black overcoat.
    The pair have been in Europe, enjoying what is thought to be a 'babymoon' after announcing that they were expecting.

    Business affairs: The pair were heading to a meeting at designer Stephane Rolland's showroom

    Edgy: Meanwhile, Kanye also kept warm in a beige lapel-less overcoat, which he wore over a pair of black trousers and a denim shirt

    On Thursday, Kim tweeted about her 'relaxing time' in Italy.
    'Back in Paris....Italy was so relaxing!' she wrote.
    Meanwhile, Kim's friend Ryan Seacrest - who is executive producer of her family's reality shows - insists he won't be present at the birth the couple's baby.

    He told TV talk show host Jay Leno: 'I was thrilled! I was very happy for them [when I found out].

    Follow the leader: Kim trailed after Kim as they earlier headed to the Balenciaga store

    Shoe and handbag heaven: Kim made a beeline straight for the shoes as they headed inside a store

    'Am I going to be in the room, with the zoom lens, shooting all of this to put on the air on E!? I would not.'
    However, the American Idol host confirmed the socialite's pregnancy will be a part of the show.
    He added: 'You will see her pregnancy on Keeping Up With the Kardashians but she'll be about four and a half months in to her pregnancy once we start shooting for next season.'
    It has also been reported that Kim wants to name her baby Liv.
    Friends say she has loved the moniker since she was a teenage admirer of actress Liv Tyler - plus one of her favourite Miami nightspots also has the name.

    Talking shop: Kim watched and listened on as Kanye talked to a shop assistant

    First baby: Kim is reported to be around the three month mark in her pregnancy

    Check you out: Kim marvelled over her boyfriend as they shopped inside a high-end boutique

    Doting girlfriend: The reality star doted on Kanye as he checked out his coat

    A source told the Daily Star newspaper: 'Kim has liked Liv since she was a teenager, as she was a big fan of Liv Tyler.

    'She fell in love with it all over again when she started hanging out at the club on her visits to South Beach.'
    Kim is said to be convinced she is expecting a baby girl.

    The source added: 'Kim's instincts tell her she is going to have a daughter.'

    Covering up: On Thursday, the couple arrive at Charles De Gaulle airport after enjoying a whistle stop romantic getaway in Venice, Italy

    Read more: Kim Kardashian's buttons on her blouse nearly burst open as she steps out with Kanye West | Mail Online

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    First, pics!

    Busting out a tune! Pregnant Kim Kardashian sang karaoke whilst attending a private party at Life Star Nightclub, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on Saturday night

    Source: Kim Kardashian sings karaoke as she shows off her pregnancy curves in a revealing dress at Ivory Coast nightclub | Mail Online

    On trend: Kim Kardashian works her favourite black and white style as she arrives for the Stephane Rolland's Fashion Show in Paris on Tuesday

    Where's my Kimmy? Kanye looks forlorn without his sidekick as he sits alone on the front row of the Lanvin fashion show on Sunday

    Source: Kim Kardashian rocks a side parting as she joins Kanye West at fashion week in Paris | Mail Online

    And a bonus Kanye pic!

    Now for boring articles that no one cares about!

    'I've got the eggs of a woman in her 50s!' Kim Kardashian stops her birth control as she reveals fertility worries on reality show
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 10:50 EST, 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 13:11 EST, 22 January 2013

    She fell pregnant just a few months after beginning a relationship with rapper Kanye West.

    But Kim Kardashian has revealed just how lucky her accidental pregnancy really was.

    In her new reality show Kourtney And Kim Take Miami she opened up about her fertility problems, after tests revealed she had the egg reserves of a much older woman.

    Worried about children: Kim Kardashian confided her fears about her fertility to friend Jonathan in a new episode of her reality show Kourtney And Kim Take Miami

    Speaking before she got pregnant by Kanye, the 32-year-old beauty said: 'When I went to the doctor a couple months ago, he took tests to check my hormones and my levels, and everything was really suppressed and really low because I've been on birth control for so many years.

    'I want to have kids one day, so he really suggested that I get off birth control.'

    Kim was shocked by the news, having always assumed she would have children.

    Concerns: Kim's 'infertility' forms one of the plotlines of ehr new show

    'I'm 31, and my egg levels came back as a woman that's in my 50s. I'm concerned just hearing all this information of how every woman is born with a certain amount of eggs, and that number can never be increased.

    'Maybe this just isn't in the cards for me, and I'm freaking out a little bit.'

    Kim had previously hinted that she had been diagnosed with fertility problems, even causing the conception of her unborn child a 'miracle'.

    I'm fine: Kim and her family moved to Miami to film the show

    Her younger sister Khloe has openly talked of her distress at failing to conceive during her three-year marriage to Lamar Odom.

    Viewers saw the news leave Kim questioning whether she really wanted to have children.

    'It's so overwhelming it's even made me second guess even wanting to have kids. Whatever's meant to be will be. If I'm not supposed to have kids then maybe I don't want kids.'

    Kim's sister Kourtney has two children, three-year-old son Mason and six-month-old daughter Penelope, with her partner Scott Disick.

    No need to worry! Luckily for Kim, seen in Paris on Tuesday, she fell pregnant accidentally soon after coming off birth control

    Source: Kim Kardashian stops her birth control as she reveals fertility worries | Mail Online
    Ummm, what? I thought she mentioned fertility problems. How does that work when you fall pregnant after getting off birth control? Cant she keep her lies straight?

    Mom life is boring and miserable': Kim Kardashian lashes out at sister Kourtney for being a mother... just before falling pregnant
    By Iona Kirby
    PUBLISHED: 01:18 EST, 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 09:56 EST, 22 January 2013

    She announced at the end of last month that she is expecting, her first child, but before falling pregnant it seems that the idea of having a baby terrified Kim Kardashian.

    On Monday night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the middle Kardashian sister lashed out at Kourtney for being what she called a ‘slob-kabob’.

    Kim confessed to her best friend Jonathan Cheban: ‘She literally is like Octomom. It’s so overwhelming, it’s even made me second guess wanting to have kids.’

    Scroll down for video

    Locking horns: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian came to blows during Monday night's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami

    She added: ‘I would die if I had kids right now.’

    Jonathan assured the reality star that she would ‘be a great mother’, but did imply the 32-year-old ought to start worrying about ageing.

    ‘You act like you literally have 500 kids,’ Kim told her sister when she saw her in sweatpants during the afternoon one day.

    Enough is enough: Kourtney stormed out of a restaurant when Kim described her as 'boring and miserable' for being a mother

    War of words: The sibling duo ended up shouting at each other in a parking lot and Kourtney called Kim 'a b****'

    ‘Talk to me once you have a child,’ Kourtney, 33, hit back.

    But when she later attempted to wear a printed dress, Kim referenced Three’s Company with the words: ‘That was like, Mrs. Roper status.’

    As usual, Kim took things too far, when she described Kourtney – and all mothers for that matter – as having ‘boring and miserable lives’.

    Cruel comments: Kim opened up to best pal Jonathan Cheban and told him Kourtney is 'like Octomom'

    Confession time: Kim eventually told Khloe everything stemmed from her worry she might not be able to have children

    She told the mother-of-two over dinner: ‘Mom life is so torturous. I have a whole new perspective on how boring and miserable your lives are.

    ‘If you knew how boring you’d become, would you still have had kids?’

    A furious Kourtney stormed out of the restaurant after the cruel comments and called Kim ‘a b****’, telling her she can find her ‘own ride home’.

    Sorry: Kim eventually took Kourtney to dinner and apologised for what she said, explaining why she lashed out

    Tearful: Kourtney was left comforting Kim as she cried her way through the meal

    She and Kim came to blows once again in the parking lot – but this time it was Kourtney’s turn to talk.

    ‘This is the life I want, that I’m happy in,’ she fumed. ‘I don’t expect you to get it.’

    Kim finally opened up to Khloe, 28, and admitted she acted defensive because she was concerned about her own fertility and ability to have children, wondering aloud if having children was ‘in the cards’ for her.

    Something stinks: Khloe and Scott Disick discussed how Kourtney smelt bad after giving up deodorant

    Trying and failing: Khloe attempted to subtly get her sister to start using deodorant but to no avail

    Kim later attempted to apologise over a tearful dinner, but the tables quickly turned and Kourtney ended up being the one comforting her sister.

    It was a dramatic episode for Kourtney, who also had to deal with her partner Scott Disick being hospitalised.

    Thankfully, Scott was just fine, but Kourtney was furious at him.

    Fulfilling his dream: Scott decided to give racing cars a try although Kourtney was against it

    Full of dread: Kourtney was devastated when she learned that Scott was in the hospital following a car crash

    She had banned the father of her children from driving race cars, but mischievous Scott went behind her back and it ended up backfiring.

    However in the end the 29-year-old managed to convince Kourtney to come and watch him at the race track, and she eventually changed her tune, feeling proud of her man’s skills.

    She added: ‘Also, he looks very handsome in his racing suit.’

    Standing by her man: Eventually Kourtney agreed to support her partner in his endeavours

    Family fun: Kourtney admitted Scott looked 'very handsome in his racing suit' after she and Mason went to watch him

    And look, Kim is annoying her family!

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    Saturday, January 26th 2013
    And Here's Kourtney Kartrashian Squirting Titty Leche Onto Kim's Body

    So now after reading that headline, you're not only Kartrashian intolerant, but you're lactose intolerant too.
    On the next episode of the #1 show in the Ninth Circle of Hell, Kourtney and Kim Taint Miami, Kim tells the slow one that she read online that some people use breast milk as a home remedy for psoriasis and ever since she's been pouring tit leche out of the bottle onto her spots, it's helped them a little bit. I guess breast milk is to psoriasis what Ray J's piss is to overnight fame. So, of course, since Kim and Kourtney are always up for making fetish porn, the slow one whips her tit out and dribbles milk all over Kim's leg. Kim starts screaming "EWW! EWWW!," which summoned a dozen bitch-pleases from my mouth. I mean, so suddenly Kim is grossed out by somebody squirting their bodily fluids onto her body in front of a camera for attention? Bitch would've never been famous if it wasn't for somebody shooting a milky substance onto her body. How quickly the fame whores forget.Then Kim says to Kourtney, "That is so disgusting that you can just squeeze that and have that come out." I say that every time Kim squeezes a "thought" out of her brain. And I guess this means that Kanye will have to breastfeed the Illuminati's golden child. I hope their kid likes the taste of fish milk.And here's Kim looking like a water buffalo eating a swan while shopping in Paris with Gay Fish.

    Posted by: Michael K
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    Kim Kardashian shows off her clear as day baby bump while heading to the gym for a late night workout on Wednesday (January 30) in Los Angeles.

    Celebrity News and Gossip | Just Jared

    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
    Caio Fernando Abreu

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    Kim Kardashian's Stylist: How We're Dressing Her Baby Bump
    Celebrity Style February 8, 2013 AT 9:45AM By UsWeekly Staff

    Pregnant Kim Kardashian all dressed up for a meeting on February 7, 2013.
    Credit: Clint Brewer / Splash News

    Kanye West may have to take a back seat in picking out his baby mama's wardrobe. Kim Kardashian has enlisted the help of fashion designer Nicola Formichetti to dress her throughout her pregnancy -- and the the creative director of Mugler is up for the challenge!

    PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's best booty moments

    "Already she has a different body type than models," Formichetti told the New York Post's Page Six of the 32-year-old reality star, who is expecting her first child with rapper West, 35, in July.

    And the stylist plans to play up those famous curves! "I think it's sexy when the girls have the big ass and the voluminous body," Formichetti, who frequently works with fashion risk-taker Lady Gaga, added. "It's much sexier than skinny girls who are in tight clothes."

    PHOTOS: Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the perfect match

    On Thursday, Feb. 7, Kardashian showed off her sexy curves in a black jumpsuit with a sheer top that gave a glimpse her pregnant belly. And while she may be asking Formichetti for advice on her own style, the reality starlet says she does plan to let her fashion designer boyfriend dress their baby.

    During a visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live Jan. 29, Kardashian explained why she won't be using any hand-me-down baby clothes from sister Kourtney Kardashian, who's a mother of two.

    PHOTOS: Kim and Kanye's sweetest moments

    "If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he's going to have things specially made," she said.

    "Leather baby pants," Jimmy Kimmel joked. "Wow. Imagine crapping in something that expensive."

    Source: Kim Kardashian's Stylist: How We're Dressing Her Baby Bump -
    Well this explains alot.

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    the hell does she look like??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    One good way of reducing significant stress in your life is not to fuck someone while you are married to someone else. A simple suggestion.

    Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries Raises Issue of 'Unplanned Pregnancy' :
    "God brings you things at a time when you least expect it," she said last month. "I'm such a planner and this was just meant to be. What am I going to? Wait years to get a divorce? I'd love one. It's a process."

    Yes, most people wait until they get divorced before they conceive a child with someone else. Don't blame God for this one, fatass.
    She's so full of shit. My money is on that he was giving her anal and at the last moment *opps* slipped into her other hole & blew his load (obviously not because he was in there). It has nothing to do with planing for fertility issues. So many lies slip from her mouth that she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the ares!

    Quote Originally Posted by frockhorror View Post

    the hell does she look like??
    A waxwork.

    Kim Kardashian told Kanye she doesn’t want to change her name to Kim West

    I’m kind of out of theories regarding Kim Kardashian’s bump. There’s something of a Beyonce situation going on – the bump seems to be inflating and deflating depending on the day, and I couldn’t swear to it, but I really do think that Kim is still messing with her face even though she’s (allegedly?) pregnant. Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t want to strap on my Conspiracy Pillow quite yet, because God knows, it could just be the angle of the photos or whatever, and at least Kim isn’t trying to convince us that she’s eight months along, you know? As for these photos… I don’t understand why Kim needs to wear a see-through shirt at this point. Because she's an attentionwhore! Duh! She wants us to talk about her body, obviously, but where does it end?

    In other Kardashian news, Star Magazine claims that if and when Kim’s divorce ever comes through and if and when Kanye West actually wants to marry her, Kim has declared that she’s not going to change her name:
    There’s trouble in paradise for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and it has nothing to do with a meddling momager. An insider says that Kanye, 35, is old-fashioned and wants Kim to change her name to Kim West once they presumably marry. But Kim, 32, has not only said “no way” to the age-old tradition, but she may want their baby to be a Kardashian,” the insider says. “Kanye is very disappointed and upset about the whole thing, but Kim is refusing to budge. She also thinks it’s a way to let him know that she is not after him for his money.”
    Since she’s amassed a $40 million fortune with little more than her name and her looks and her sex tape which was very very boring, nearly as boring as actually having sex with her from the look of it, he probably already knows that…
    [From Star Magazine, print edition]
    I don’t like how Star Mag is getting all judgy about the name situation. Some women don’t want to change their names, some women do. It’s something every woman has to decide for herself! Plus, there’s the celebrity-branding issue to deal with when it’s a celebrity woman deciding to change her name. Would Angelina Jolie still be La Jolie is she was Angelina Pitt? Would Kyra Sedgwick be just as awesome if she was Kyra Bacon? Many American sites and outlets STILL refer to Duchess Kate as “Kate Middleton” because that was Kate’s (waity) Middleton Brand for 29 years before she married. Kim’s brand as a celebrity is tied up with the Kardashian name, obviously. That being said, I think the baby should be a Kardashian-West or a West. Also: Kim West is kind of a cool name. She would sound like an architect or a cowgirl.

    Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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    ^ DailyMail likes to be stubborn so I just copy and paste.

    Changing shape: Kim's curves were swamped in her dress from every angle

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