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Thread: Freida Pinto In Naeem Khan – Naeem Khan Mumbai Fashion Show

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    Default Freida Pinto In Naeem Khan – Naeem Khan Mumbai Fashion Show

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    Cute on the model. Doesn't fit Freida.
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    Also, she always looks like shes wearing a shit ton of smeared makeup.
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    I just don't get it. Why does everything she wears fit her so weird? She must have really body proportions...I'm thinking really short torso, wide shoulders, ill-defined waist. She seems like a cute girl, but I swear, nothing looks good on her! It can't all be bad styling. She's rare in that no matter how hard she tries, what she wears, everything is just so freakishly wrong on her....
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    She always looks bad. Always without fail.
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    She's so pretty. Maybe she just needs a different stylist because her clothes are not fitted.

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