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Thread: Kim Kardashian in J Mendel

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    Default Kim Kardashian in J Mendel

    Brits abroad: Kelly and Sharon Osbourne and Katie Price were among the guests

    Dazzling: Petra Nemcova, Malin Akerman and Carly Steel

    Ready for fun: Tori Spelling, Terri Seymour and Glee's Jane Lynch

    Read more: OSCARS 2011: Kim Kardashian and Elton John schmooze at his star-studded party | Mail Online

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    I loved Heidi Klum's dress, she never fails to amaze on the red carpet. I liked Jane Lynch's suit too, very classy.

    Kim K's dress was way too tight around the mid-body hips/ass area.
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    Aw man, Heidi looks so manly there. And, shockingly, Kim doesn't look trashy. Maybe it's because I can't notice the spider eyelashes from so far away.

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    Tori Spellings 'dress' looks like a sparkly bathrobe.
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    ^It does!

    I kind of like Teri Seymour's dress, it's interesting.

    Kelly O looks nice, she should stick to long column dresses. They're flattering. Still hate the blond hair, it seems so wrong for her.

    Claire Danes' dress is really boring and shapeless imo.

    I love sparkle but I'm a little sparkled out here. And whatever event this was I wish they'd stop letting in trashy useless tramps like Katie Price and Kim Kardashian.

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    Kelly looks the best of the three apart from her tramp stamps.

    Terri Seymour looks horribly skinny.

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    I like Kim's dress. Bitch looks good even though i can't stand her. Tori is frighteningly ugly and so is the dress.

    Katie Price makes me ill. Can't be elegant just once?

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