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    Default Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Maggie pairs a printed wrap top and black skirt at the after-party for her Three Sisters production at New York's Pangea restaurant.

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    she looks like an old grandma. actually, my grandmother dresses better than this.

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    Her face isn't aging well. Maybe she looks a lot older than she is because the outfit is very dowdy.

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    She always looks the same. She needs a huge makeover.

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    Terrible outfit. Poor thing is just not attractive. If I didn't know her and you told me she was 50 instead of in her early 30s, I'd believe it. Maybe if she grew her hair out or something.

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    I am so sorry but holy fuck her face frightens me. She seems like a sweet girl and I've liked her in lots of movies but if I had to wake up and see that face in the mirror every morning I'd probably run-don't-walk to a PS and say "START OVER." I hate that I have to say that but it's just so so hideous. I'm so sorry Maggie.
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    WTF happened to her face? Aging will not be kind to her.
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    She has such potential but she has old lady hair, old lady clothes, old lady shoes, just old lady everything. And I'm so sorry for insulting old ladies in such a way! I think she could look pretty decent with a makeover.
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    She looks like she is 50 years old. She looks horrible for being 33 years old. According to IMDB that's her age.
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