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Thread: Kelly Osbourne and Betsey Johnson

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    Default Kelly Osbourne and Betsey Johnson

    The Fashion Week fixture shows off her toned midriff in a petal pink bustier and tutu while cuddling up to the Johnson at the free-wheeling designer's after party in N.Y.C.

    Spring '11: SJP's Red Hot - SARAH JESSICA PARKER - Fashion Week, Fashion, Actor Class :

    very unfortunate pic of kelly and that dress is god awful but i think i like the shoes. i happen to love sparkles.

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    Something sure was funny, but I don't think it was Betsey. She's horrific.

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    Which one is which?

    Kelly looks horrid.

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    Kelly's head look big now that her body is small.

    I'm over seeing Kelly everywhere, and why is she on the Fashion Police show as a 'judge'

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