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Thread: Sophia Bush's dress

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    Default Sophia Bush's dress

    Sophia Bush and boyfriend Austin Nichols look like the picture perfect couple at the E! 20th anniversary party held at The London West Hollywood on Monday (May 24) in Los Angeles.
    The One Tree Hill co-stars celebrated two decades of pop culture with party sponsor Ciroc Ultra.
    OTH was renewed for an 8th season and will air on Tuesdays @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW, right before Life Unexpected.
    FYI: Sophia is wearing a Michael Angel dress.

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    In the black kid's pants


    She looks like a Faberge egg.
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    Wow, how dreadful.
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    It looks like a screensaver.. it's kind of fascinating
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    Hate the dress. The cut's not flattering on her either, makes her look thick around the middle.

    Also, that hair is pretty half-assed.

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