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Thread: Alexis Bledel's outfit

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    Default Alexis Bledel's outfit

    Alexis Bledel walks the streets of New York City in a chic trenchcoat on Monday (May 25).
    The 28-year-old actress caught a cab and met up with a friend for lunch!
    Earlier this month, Alexis was spotted out at the Independent Filmmaker Project spring gala at DVF Studio and attending a Valentino-hosted cocktail party!

    "Tão estranho carregar uma vida inteira no corpo, e ninguém suspeitar dos traumas, das quedas, dos medos, dos choros."
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    She is so beautiful. I miss her, what has she been up to?

    I had those pants in the early 90s and I spent the last 18 years looking back in embarrassment, hoping no one would remember.
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