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Thread: Jolie-Pitt kids out for ice-cream

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    Nice to see that they don't act like crazed lunatics at the sight of ice cream (*I'm looking at you, Suri Cruise*)

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    Zahara and Shiloh have style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly View Post
    Nice to see that they don't act like crazed lunatics at the sight of ice cream (*I'm looking at you, Suri Cruise*)
    Yes, no falling in tub shots here!

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    I LOVE Zahara's green cardy. Color, in the J-P family! She IS a maverick.

    And it's nice to see that they added some style to Shiloh's haircut. It's less of a boyish mop and more of a cute 60s-style bob now. Plus her clothes look clean and matched and properly fastened for a change. I'm not a "celebrity offspring" follower at ALL but for some reason I really like Shiloh and Zahara. They have character. Their interviews later in life will be interesting, to say the least.
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