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Thread: Alexander Skarsgard at HBO’s premiere of 'The Pacific'

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    Default Alexander Skarsgard at HBO’s premiere of 'The Pacific'

    Alexander Skarsgard rocks out a classic khaki Burberry trench coat at HBO’s premiere of The Pacific at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday (February 24).
    The Pacific is a ten-part television World War II miniseries that will premiere March 14. Alex starred in HBO’s Iraqi war series called Generation Kill (2008).
    For more info on The Pacific, visit Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks executive produced!

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    he is yummmyyyy

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    I like it.
    Great, clean lines, tailored look and a plaid shirt that sets it off.
    Oh and I want to lick his cheek.

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    Looking good, but beige is not his color. I can't believe he's going chav wearing Burberry.
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    ^^ i agree, beige doesn't suit him and the coat it also a little too big.
    he's so cute when he smiles...
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