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Thread: Jessica Alba in slippers for Revlon

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    Default Jessica Alba in slippers for Revlon

    Jessica Alba heads to the set of her new Revlon commercial in West Hollywood.The actress kept warm before shooting with coffee, fuzzy slippers and a long duster.
    Jessica, who recently joined Twitter, updated with her progress throughout the day and took a picture on the set.
    Also saying that she missed her “little angel”, it sounds like she was happy to be finished at the end of the day and ready to go home to little Honor!

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    Of course, without the slippers and coat, this just may work. Those leggings are so hard to pull off, though. Damn I hate that I'm being nice when it comes to Miseralba.

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    I don't know why all these dresses are making me think of weird things tonight. This reminds me of a Jiffy-Pop container.
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