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Thread: Who wore it better?

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    Default Who wore it better?

    Mischa Barton and Ashley Tisdale have both been sighted wearing this delightfully bright green Juicy Couture lace dress. Who wears it better? My vote is with Ashley - her tanned skin tone complements the dress better, plus she does a better job accessorizing than Mischa.

    America Ferrera and Eva Longoria were both spotted wearing the same flirty leopard-print dress - available from Nanette Lepore for $345. Who wears it better? I'm going with America.

    Lindsay Lohan and Nikki Hilton were both spotted wearing this colorful patterned Nu Collective tunic recently. Who wears it better? My bet's with Hilton. Lindsay's hair color is exactly the same color as her skin - that's just gross. And has the effect of ruining almost every outfit she wears.

    Tara Reid is not known for her smart fashion choices. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She's usually dressed pretty tackily. But, she was recently spotted wearing this bright neon orange Jenny Packham dress to the premiere of Ocean's 13 - and I think it looks rather nice on her! Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard was also spotted wearing the same dress to the ESPY awards last week. Who wears it better?

    Tory Burch and actress Ziyi Zhang have been spotted wearing the same tiered yellow and white Valentino gown. Zhnag wore it to an Oscars party, but Tory was spotted wearing it at the Valentino 45th anniversary extravaganza.

    Jennifer Hudson and Amber Tamblyn wearing the same nude and black Michael Kors dress. Hudson wore it recently at the BET Awards, Tamblyn wore it at the Independent Spirit Awards.

    Actress Brittany Snow and Nicole Richie have been spotted wearing different colors of the same Catherine Malandrino minidress.

    Who wore it better | Frillr

    Jennifer Garner attended the Juno premiere in LA last year wearing this Gucci Spring 2008 sexy strapless bold geometric mini.
    Eva Longoria, who's 33rd birthday is on Saturday, also wore the same dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin Architek leather slingbacks.

    Jessica Alba first wore this black keyhole dress to her Fantastic Four premiere in Berlin last year. She wore her dress with a pair of black patent platform shoes.
    Tracey Edmonds wore the same dress to the First Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon yesterday, a whole 7 months after Jessica.

    D. Woods wore it first when she arrived with her group Danity Kane, to their Album Release Party on a very bad style day for the group. Unbelievably she teamed her dress with a pair of sneakers.
    I was first introduced to Teyana Taylor as one of those brats from my favourite programme Sweet 16. She is now a singer ...

    What guts Carrie Underwood has to wear a dress that cool girl Mary-Kate Olsen both designed and wore. Elizabeth & James sequin dress was originally worn by Mary-Kate back in September at New York Fashion Week. The country singer wore it recently also while in NYC.

    Kim Kardashian first wore this sexy gold sequined Jovani dress last year to the Catwalk For Charity event which she attended with her mother.
    Carrie Underwood wore her dress to the Movies Rock event in LA with a pair of tan and black peep-toe shoes.
    Khloe Kardashian wore hers (or should I say Kim’s) dress last night to celebrate the New Year with her sisters in Miami.

    Ah to be an Olsen twin . . . the money, the fame, and being able to root around in your sister's cavernous closet. Mary-Kate did just that at the premiere of 21 with this black Calvin Klein satin romper that Ash wore back in 2005.

    Rihannafirst wore this hot pink Betsey Johnson Spring 2008 taffeta and tulle dress on Friday when she performed at a benefit in Vision Nightclub, Chicago.
    Lil Mama wore the same strapless dress on Saturday to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

    I totally LOVED this Gucci Resort 2008 colour-block dress when Rachel McAdams wore it to the Married Life premiere during the Toronto Film Festival last year with a pair of black sandals.
    Drew Barrymore also wore the same dress to the SoHo Grey Goose Pre-Oscar Party with a pair of black gloves.

    Jessica Alba first wore this green strapless dress to the "Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer" Mexico City Premiere.
    Mary J Blige wore the same dress with added gold necklace to the Movies Rock Event.

    Mary J Blige first wore this Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2007 multi-coloured sequined one-sleeved dress to the American Music Awards back in November.
    I hate one-sleeved dresses, I just don't get the concept, so she was put on my worst dressed list for that night.
    I was very surprised to see that Vivica A. Fox wore the same dress last night, considering someone as high profile as Mary had already worn the dress.

    Prior to entering rehab, Eva Mendes attended her Live! premiere in Paris wearing this Fendi Spring 2008 dress.
    She teamed her dress with black peep-toes and a black clutch.
    Forest Whitaker's wife , Keisha Whitaker wore the same dress to the Fendi Redesigned Rodeo Drive Boutique event in LA last night with black pumps and a black clutch.

    Britney Spears was the first to wear this Roberto Cavalli Spring 2004 gold beaded dressed back in January 2004 for the 2004 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes.
    Scarlett Johansson then wore the same dress to the 2004 Brit Awards in London in February of that same year.
    Last night Geri Halliwell also wore the same dress to on the pink carpet for the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show at the Kodak Theatre in LA.

    A long haired Rihanna first wore this Herve Leger Alexis bandage dress when she attended Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Awards Party with a pair of silver strappy sandals.
    Meagan Good also wore the same dress, almost a later, to the NAACP Image Awards.

    Katherine Heigl recently wore Juicy Couture's plaid ruffle coat as part of her birthday ensemble. New mommy Naomi Watts was spotted walking the streets of New York in the same coat.

    who wore it better? - Google Search
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    great post. lots of fun comparisons.

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    Rachel McAdams looks divine

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    I can't believe I'm saying this, but Tara Reid looks better in her outfit. (waits for the rocks to hit)

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    mischa looks crap but the other girls annoys me more for some reason. plus, she's sporting one of those craptastic multi-colour vuitton bags. but neither looks good.

    i'm going with america ferrara. she wears the hell out of that dress and looks better in it than longoria, but at the same time, i love it paired with the black tights.

    it sucks on both but sucks slightly less on nicki hilton because of her colouring. however, both are wearing shitty accessories, though i do like lohan's flats. nicki's purse is particularly vile.

    horrible dress. awful. the chick on the right has a tranny-face but at least she's less cheap looking than tara reid, and has better shoes. and less floppy fake boos.

    the dress is absolutely horrible. i'm not a fan of valentino but this is particularly horrid. still, if i had to choose, i'd say ziyi zhang looks better (even though she needs a haircut) but only because i don't think she can look bad. and tory burch has bitchface and is too tan.

    amber tamblyn. by far. that dress rocks with the belt and the peep-toes, even though her clutch sucks (too prom-ish). jennifer hudson's weave looks especially plastic here.

    tough one. i don't particularly care for the dress but i like it better in yellow. however, it doesn't suit brittany snow's colouring and her shoes positively suck. i wish nicole had worn the yellow version with those same peep-toe shoes. but with better hair. it looks greasy, fried and her roots are showing.

    hmm i'm going with jennifer just because i like her shoes better, and because i positively hate longoria's white clutch. but neither one really has good style and that dress deserved to be worn by someone funkier.

    i'm going with jessica alba. i like the hair and make up. i don't know who tracey edmonds is but she deserves to be shot for wearing those shoes.

    i'm gonna go with the chick on the right cause she looks fun and crazy.

    ummmm... mary-kate's hair looks like shit but i still like her crazy look better than the country chick who just makes it look matronly and tacky.

    shoot all 3 of them. and burn the dress. although i can imagine someone like zooey deschanel pulling it off without looking like a christmas tree in a las vegas brothel.

    i think it's mary-kate wearing it with the pink belt and the over-sized clutch? looks much better like that, despite the ugly pointly pumps, than sans belt and with those ugly shoes ashley (on the right) paired it with.

    kill them both.

    i adore this dress and i think they both look awesome in it.

    i'm going to go with mary j. because i think the necklace and the bob make this otherwise boring dress look interesting. too bad about the trashy arm tattoos though.

    both deserve a good beating for wearing that ugly piece of shit.


    hate the dress. i can't believe it was so popular that 3 different people actually wore it out in public.

    booooring. i am so over these dresses. especially when paired with such generic hair and accessories, as is the case for both of these chicks.

    love the coat. i'm gonna have to go with heigl though, because she's got much better boots and jeans.

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    1. Mischa, just because I can't stand that purse/bag of Ashley's. That thing makes it an automatic fail.

    2.America. I don't like Eva's leggings/tights with it.

    3. Nikki. It looks more pulled together. Wait, I don't like that bag if it's pink. Still looks better than Lindsay's. I don't like the hat and those flats that lindsay is wearing.

    4. That's a hard one. Tara is too orange, but that other chick has a HGH man jaw. Actually, neither, I think the dress isn't flattering. Too square.

    5. Ziyi Zhang. It's a hard dress to pull off, but she can. Her hair breaks it up and I think it looks better with the darker hair too.

    6. I'm not big on the dress, but Amber looks better. I think it's the shoes. The purse is a bit too matchy-matchy IMO. Oh yeah, I think the belt helps a lot. Also not having big ta-tas helps. I'm not much for strapless dresses with big ta-tas that spillith out.

    7. Love em both.

    8. Eva looks better. Might be the darker skin or the fact that her pose is more flattering.

    9. I hate to say it, but Miseralba. Wow she's smiling!

    10. Was going to say pass, but if I had to choose, the first chick. The second is a bit OTT for me.

    11. MK Troll. Holy shit that's Carrie Underwood!?!?! I thought it was some New York Housewives lady ... looks a bit motherly.

    12. Did Kim get a boob reduction since this picture? I think Carrie Underwood looks best.

    13. Ashley. I like it without the sash/belt.

    14. Rihanna. It looks better without that leather jacket.

    15. Rachel McAdams. Love her hair and red lipstick. Drew's blush reminds me of Pinochio.

    16. Mary J Blige. I think Alba needs an accessory.

    17. Same as above. Like her hair and earrings more with the dress.

    18. Keisha Whitaker.

    19. Britney.

    19. Rihanna. Her hair kinda annoys me thoiugh, but I think it looks better with the dress than the other chick. The top of the dress is the best part, imo, and the other gal is hiding it with her hair.

    20. Katherine Heigl. I actually love this look.

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    I thought it was Zhang Ziyi and not the other way round?
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    yeah, that's how i've always seen it.
    i think it's like with japanese names where the surname is first. in french, they keep that order but in english they tend to reverse it.
    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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    I never want to be compared side by side with Jessica Alba.
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    The gold Cavalli dress that Britney, Scarlet and I forget who else is wearing? Looks like an ice skating costume to me. Not attractive for an event.

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