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Thread: Kim Kardashian's recent bikini photo shoot

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    Default Kim Kardashian's recent bikini photo shoot

    Kim Kardashian has been out of the spotlight lately, so naturally, she decided to post some bikini pictures on her website. Or one of the guys who actually runs her website decided they should post some Kim Kardashian bikini pictures. Either way, somebody's looking for attention.

    Egotastic! - Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures Want Attention

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    The bikini is meh. Kinda weird looking on the top. But I have to say I like her eye makeup much better without so much underliner/undershadow. Takes years off her face.

    She always wears ten pounds too much makeup anyway. This shoot makes her look much fresher faced.

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    So, okay, I don't know how airbrushed the photos are, but I think this attention whore looks hot.
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