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Thread: Stunning Kylie Minogue wows Cannes with a host of sizzling outfits

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    Default Stunning Kylie Minogue wows Cannes with a host of sizzling outfits

    Stunning Kylie Minogue wows Cannes with a host of sizzling outfits

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 2:29 PM on 24th May 2009
    source: Stunning Kylie Minogue wows Cannes with a host of sizzling outfits | Mail Online

    Gorgeous Kylie Minogue has left left fans wondering what she'll wear next this weekend after already showing off a host of glamorous outfits in Cannes.
    First the Australian singer she attended a Dolce & Gabanna fashion party in a hot pink mini dress.
    Then she showed up to a charity gig in a gold-embroidered, black leather short dress, complete with a crumb catcher and matching jewel-encrusted spike-heeled sandals.

    Hot pink: Kylie Minogue shows up to the Dolce & Gabanna fashion party in Canne

    She then changed into a black sequined leotard, fishnets and a black hat for a sizzling performance on stage for the or the Miracle Africa International Foundation

    And finally, showing she's never too old, the 40-year-old put on a corset-topped dress with diamante detail, while wearing a jewelled carnival mask.

    The glamorous gig, sponsored by jewellers Chopard, had an audience littered with celebrities.
    Peaches Geldof, James Blunt and Tamara Beckwith were all among those enjoying the performance.


    Matching: Kylie shows up to a gig in a leather dress and jewelled shoes (right)

    The performance at the film festival on Friday night came days after smouldering Kylie revealed her hopes of forming a full Hollywood acting career.
    The diminutive star came to fame in Australia and the UK as tomboy Charlene in soap opera Neighbours but after fleeting movie appearances in The Delinquents and Street Fighter she has become most famous as a singer.
    She will be hoping her latest performance will have brought her to the attention of some of the film world's elite.

    Enlarge Kylie Minogue put on a scintillating show at the VIP Room at Cannes

    Showtime: Kyle wears a jewelled carnival mask at her VIP room performance

    The Cannes appearance has capped a spectacular few days for the redhead singer.
    Temptress Kylie was on teasing form this week as she posed in a sultry photoshoot for Spanish jewellery firm Tous.
    She laid back on pink satin sheets dressed in a pink tutu and five-inch stilettos to kick off her role as the face of the company.


    Inspired by Madonna? Kylie's outfit has more than a hint of the Queen of pop

    Enlarge Tasty treat: The pop princess tucks in the campaign for Spanish jewelry firm Tous

    Enlarge Cuddles: Kylie's got a soft spot for large teddy bears
    Looking seductive Kylie was snapped having a cheeky taste of a giant cream cake, then nibbling a cherry from a cocktail.
    The singer, who fought back from being diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, is now preparing to crack the US market.
    While she has found success around the globe, she has never become a big star in the country.
    She has unveiled plans for a six city tour in the US later this year.

    Enlarge Kylie Minogue nibbles a cherry
    Enlarge Laid back: Kylie looks the part in a new summer advertising campaign for perfume

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    i just like the black shoes. everything else, is just so-so.
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    The singer, who fought back from being diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, is now preparing to crack the US market.

    Please, she's been trying for years. She had her one hit here. After that no one gave a shit.
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    Stunning? No.
    Short, overrated and horsey? Yes.
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    ***** celeb

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    She looks better than normal, in these pics.

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    I like her

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    Another idiot who took botox and surgery too far.

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