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Thread: Developers plan a creationism theme park in Kentucky

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    how can you make a replica of something that never existed?

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    I asked someone who believes the whole Noah's ark thing how Noah went to the Americas and Asia and the Arctic Circle and under all of the oceans to get 2 of each of those animals, and they actually said that the animals swam to him. LOL.

    I do believe that at some point in ancient times there was a large flood in the middle east, and those people were unaware of any other region but their own, so in their minds, it was "the whole world" that got flooded. Noah's story is meant to be an object lesson about obedience to God in the face of ridicule, but I don't believe it happened, at least not to the degree people think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travelbug View Post
    and they actually said that the animals swam to him.
    If they were capable of that, they could have tread water for 40 days easy and not needed to be aboard.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Well on the positive side, maybe this will add a few jobs to our depressed economy here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    I hope this park can answer the burning question of why Noah didn't put two of every dinosaur on his ark. I mean, that is just RUDE.
    I asked a hardcore Christian about dinosaur bones/fossils and was told that they were put in the earth by Satan to confuse people and tempt them away from the true story of creation.

    As for theme parks I'd rather go to the one they have planned for World of Warcraft/Starcraft. Much better than all that Moses and Jeebus stuff.
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    ^ I seriously think people who think like that are mental!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    ^ I seriously think people who think like that are mental!
    ITA. If you believe that either your sanity is compromised or you are on the lower end of the intelligence bell curve.

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