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Thread: Woman's Corpse Found in California Hotel Water Tank

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    She looks high or drunk to me. Supposedly the door to the roof and the door to the water tank are locked so I don't know how she'd accidentally end up in either.

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    that video footage is so eerie, i got goosebumps all over! at first she looks like she's being followed and hiding from someone, but then when she exits the elevator door and does that weird thing with her head and hands, she looks high to me as well (drugs & paranoia maybe?). or maybe she met someone who drugged her, she tried to get away using the elevator and then the drugs hit. or someone found her drugged up and took advantage of that.
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    To me, it looks like she's having problems with the elevator. There is no other reason for that door to remain open that long unless the elevator was malfunctioning. If she's not physically restraining the door (which she's not), there's no way the door would remain open that long ... at least in any elevators I've ever been in (hubby is also overseeing a major elevator project at work and he says the same). It looks like she went out into the hall and is having a conversation with someone ... maybe complaining she can't get the elevator to work? At least that's what it appears like to me. That doesn't explain her odd behavior in the beginning though ... popping her head out really quickly several times like she's trying to hide or evade someone or when she gets back in and rams herself in the corner of the elevator where she wouldn't be seen by anybody walking by. She also bends over to do something on the elevator panel a few times ... again, no elevator I've ever been in had the floor buttons that low that you had to bend down to see which one you need to press. They're at an average eye level height with large numbers on large buttons. The stuff on the bottom of the panel are usually for doing maintenance on the elevator (there's almost always a key lock that a maintenance worker would be able to open the panel up with), fireman's button, that sort of thing.

    If I was staying at that hotel and experiencing those water problems and then discovered the problems were caused by a dead body in the water tank, I would literally be traumatized for life. I can't even imagine. Did they ever discover her things in her room? Or wonder why the room looked freshly cleaned (since it was unused) for what? a week or more when housekeeping went into the room to clean it everyday?

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    I think she was bending down to press the buttons due to vision impairment. She wasn't wearing her glasses...

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    She's definitely fucked up. Whether by her own doing or not, who knows? But when she sticks her head out the door at first, when the door didn't initially close, it reminded me of a game I used to play when I had to take the trash out after dark. I always had that feeling that someone was gonna get me, even though I knew rationally that no one was out there. But I'd do something similar to what she appeared to be doing. I'd jump out at the non-existent person so I'd pretend I was getting the jump on them. Who knows what she's doing, but that's what came to mind watching that. And she seems freaked that the door takes so long to close. I've been messed up and super paranoid without any cause. For some reason that's what I think watching that video.
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