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Thread: Woman murdered while on 911 call not found for two days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I totally agree CFG, which is why I know I couldn't handle the stress of that job. It's a lot of responsibility, it's not just answering a phone and I think it takes a person who can stay cool and calm in a panic. Although, maybe not as cool and calm as the person who took care of this, they're just useless as a human being. I don't know how you can fuck something up that bad either.

    In the story I posted, the father and husband of the victim started lobbying to get standardized training and certification for 911 operators. I never realized they didn't have those things put in place already.
    This. I assumed it was standard protocol for a distressed caller to be kept on the line until police takes control of the scene. And if the caller is no longer available, the urgency goes up a few notches.

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    Shit, this story actually gets worse. The family went to the house, noticed water pouring from under door, called 911 AGAIN and was told to check jails and hospitals first:
    The family said on Sunday they called 911 again, because water was pouring out of Cook's home and all the doors were locked. They wanted an officer to check the house.

    “The lady said, 'Before we can send an officer out to check, you need to call the hospitals and the jails,'" Gundy said.

    The family knocked down the door themselves. Cook's own daughter found her body.

    The 911 operator defended herself in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

    "I can say that it's obvious that there was an active disturbance taking place, the screaming and things like that, so I can't say that I knew what was going on, other than there was a disturbance," the operator said. "Obviously my prayers go out to her family, because that's just a terrible situation."

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    What the actual fuck?

    Do your own investigation before the police will come and help you?

    And the operator hears SCREAMING, and doesn't think much is happening beyond a "disturbance?"

    I just have this feeling that this victim lived on the wrong side of town, and this apparant apathy goes beyond one lone person in the police department. I have no factual basis for that opinion, but I think it nonetheless.
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    In final Tweets, murdered Dallas woman said she had stalker, received death threat
    By Scott Goldstein / Reporter
    There remains many unanswered questions about Deanna Cook’s final minutes in her southern Dallas home Friday morning.

    We know authorities believe Cook called 911 as her ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, was attacking her yet again. We know that Dallas police officers went to the home and left when they got no answer at the door. We know that Cook’s family, including her two teenage daughters, found her dead body in her flooded home two days later.

    We also know from some of Cook’s final Tweets that she apparently knew her life may be in danger. This is her last Tweet, which she posted hours before her death on Friday:
    Tru! Thats why I made the First move, Now Dude say He Gone KILL me. Wouldn't be so bad if he ain't (cont)
    The complete text reads: Tru! Thats why I made the First move, Now Dude say He Gone KILL me. Wouldn’t be so bad if he ain’t tried 3 times before, But I’m Gods Child ain’t never scared..RT @Tyrese: How many people have u heard complain, complain, complain abt the drama w/ their man or girl.. But yet they are STILL IN THE RELATIONSHIP??

    The previous day, Cook posted this:
    Morning World! Headed to work hoping when I get off my home won't be broke in, I got a Stalker...
    It’s not particularly surprising that Cook feared someone may be after her. Patrick had assaulted and threatened her many times in the past, according to public records. But the Tweets offer a chilling look at Cook’s mindset in her final days and hours.
    In final Tweets, murdered Dallas woman said she had stalker, received death threat | Crime Blog

    Dallas family critical of new Dallas police policy on domestic violence

    Dawn Tongish
    August 27, 2012

    DALLAS, TX —
    A broken front door, now pieced together is what remains after Dallas police officers broke through it, to enter a family’s apartment in South Dallas early Sunday morning.

    Police officials say they received a 911 from a woman who felt threatened, but the woman’s brother says the officers in riot gear, with guns drawn woke up the entire family and handcuffed the adults. He says to kick in a door and startle a family isn’t right.

    The woman, who didn’t want to be identified says her boyfriend, Carl O’Neal was asleep when police broke in and arrested him. She says she had been partying and celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday, when she dialed 911. She says the two had a fight and she was mad. She says making the call was a mistake.

    According to police, the female caller whispered the “suspect might kill her”. The woman involved says she doesn’t remember saying anything like that to the operator. But those words were enough to escalate the call under a new police policy that makes certain domestic violence calls a priority, those were serious bodily injury or death could result.

    “We would want that every woman who picks up the phone in her deepest, darkest hour to know that police will be there to save her life,” Lara Gaither, with Genesis Women’s Shelter, said.

    Gaither supports the upgraded procedure that followed the tragic death of Deanna Cook who was murdered, allegedly by her ex-husband. Despite an 11-minute call to 911 pleading for help, the Dallas Mom didn’t get a quick response. Relatives found her body two days later. Dallas Police Chief, David Brown says human error was a factor in the fatal mistakes that led to Cook’s death.

    “The system failed her,” Gaither said.

    She says when police responded to the call from the apartment a few days after the Cook incident and got no response to repeated knocks at the door, they had to assume the worst.

    “Often it is life or death when a woman calls. She doesn’t pick up the phone when she is in need. She calls in desperation.”

    But, the woman’s brother says there has to be a better way for police to protect those truly in danger.

    “You shouldn’t kick in a house and scare kids.”

    A police spokesman couldn’t comment on the allegations that police overreacted until a later date. Police are not releasing the 911 from the incident.
    Dallas family criticizes new police policy on domestic violence, put in place after fatal and failed call to 911. - KDAF

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    There was a similar case here in Philly a few years ago and the protocol for polcie repsonding changed after the young woman was killed.

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    i agree with everything cornflakegirl said, especially this:

    I just have this feeling that this victim lived on the wrong side of town, and this apparant apathy goes beyond one lone person in the police department. I have no factual basis for that opinion, but I think it nonetheless.
    i can't wrap my head around this whole scenario. the operator completely failing, the police just walking away and 911 telling her family they need to do their own research first... there has to be more to this.
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