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Thread: Wis. couple accused of starving infant daughter due to obesity fears

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardenwitch View Post
    I would what the other kids look like.
    Judging by the parents, not particularly facially gifted.

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    Children's bodies are amazing in their ability to regulate themselves. Overindulgence is a learned behavior. That poor baby. Both my kids were little chunks when they were babies, but are completely healthy children in terms of their growth. That is nothing short of child abuse. Those parents shouldn't be around any of their kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLEE View Post
    Sooooo, which one's the guy again?
    My very same first reaction.

    Quote Originally Posted by caramel View Post
    fuckin nuts, but i have to say i think it is almost as bad for parents to feed crap to their kids to make them really fat and unhealthy. but then again there seems to be something else fishy here too, and i agree that mom dude should cut down her eating rather than that baby's.
    i love "mom dude"
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