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Thread: White teens beat and drive over a black man - hate crime in Jackson, MS

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    Well, he is just going to LOVE Parchman Prison. It is a working farm and manufacturing prison. They have a very large farm where prisoners work outside in the hot sun the old fashion way. Death row is the first building you see when you arrive there also. Good times ahead for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I don't think these little shits will be lasting all that long in the federal pen.
    The Aryan Brotherhood will offer protection for them in exchange for oral and anal favors. They have that twink look that prisoners just love.

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    i hope they get very painful prolapsed anal injuries
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    That bieber hair is going to go down SO well.
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    I remember when they used to take kids on scare tours of Parchman. I wonder if they still do it?
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    Ya know, this is when I think the Death Penalty should've been made as an option. Life in prison is too good for these little bigoted bastards. A steamroller being driving over these chickenshits would've been the perfect "eye for an eye" punishment imo.
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