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Thread: West Memphis Three Get A New Hearing

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    I've been following this case for years and indeed, there are and always will be questions that will remain unanswered for good and all, but there's one thing that really sticks in my mind about the entire affair....if the courts were so adamant that these three guys were the ones that committed this horrific act, why in God's name did they accept a deal to let them out? Come ON, folks...we're talking the Deep South here! Shit kickin' chain-gang justice where the bad guys are NEVER cut a break and Capital punishment rules the roost. Doesn't it strike anybody as a bit odd that a state who declares anyone who isn't Christian, white and ultra conservative is a raving Satanist bent on gutting innocent babies and sacrificing their mommies suddenly lets these guys out on the grounds that "justice has been served"? HUH??? Two with life sentences and one on DEATH ROW??? THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. I dunno about anybody else, but I think the courts knew damned well these poor slobs were innocent right from the get-go and certainly didn't expect to be sideswiped by advances of technology that could prove without a doubt that they didn't do this. Needless to say the Arkansas justice system had to come up with something pretty fucking fast to cover their asses and protect their phoney baloney reputations....could you just imagine the lawsuits if they'd gone ahead with the retrial in December and were exonerated? The DAs knew this entire matter was on the verge of exploding in their faces and they took and easiest way out to prevent judicial armageddon...they covered their asses by bringing up some obscure little known little used loophole that protects them from future lawsuits and lets those who were falsly accused out of jail without the court having to perjure themselves by confessing that they were innocent all along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    A FB friend of mine (a caterer) says there's a rooftop hotel party going on for two of these three right now in Memphis. With Natalie Maines and Eddie Vedder.
    Yay! 3 little boys are still dead and nobody's sure who did it, and 3 men who lost half their lives in prison had to plead no contest to get out. Let's throw a partayyyyy!

    I'd like to think if I were a celebrity douche, I'd just bankroll and lend my name to causes I believe in, not go around pretending to be an authority on the legal system and throwing really inappropriate parties with my other celeb douche friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    ^ IIRC the boys didn't have an alibi. Pat Brown wrote this blog about them. I don't really agree with her here but she gives their background details etc and why she thinks they did it.
    But you can't convict someone just because you think they did it and have no proper proof.
    I agree though, that doesn't necessarily mean they didn't do it. Just that there wasn't enough evidence.
    Women in Crime Ink: West Memphis Three
    There was no physical evidence to tie the teens to the crime though. Watching the follow up documentary, I really don't think that they did it. The forensic guy hired by the defense went to the crime scene. The bodies were by a creek, but there was no blood evidence found. He said there's no way they could have washed away every trace of blood. He said that with the injuries made to the kids there would have had to have been a lot of blood, which is why he thought the murders took place somewhere else and they were dumped.

    Manx Mouse: You're right. It was only Byers who had his teeth pulled. I read further down in the thread where someone posted that Hobbs did also and they were corrected by another poster.

    I think a party is in poor taste too.

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    we need more people like Douglas

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    Though people were quick to jump on the "three weirdos" (nowadays every teenager and his brother dresses goth and acts like Damien used to) it's pretty much a given to a lot of people in this area that the creepy assed step dad (solo or with an accomplice) did it. And that the borderline-retard Jesse kid was railroaded into his "confession". I was acquaintances with someone who knew this Hobbs guy and used to hear how scary/creepy/fucked up he was to be around for even a short time.
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    Decades without daylight: 'West Memphis Three' describe life in prison

    Damien Echols, left, and Jason Baldwin spent nearly 20 years in prison for a crime they say they didn't commit.

    • The three men were released last month after 18 years in prison
    • They were convicted of the 1993 murder of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas
    • No evidence links them directly to the crime
    • They have always maintained their innocence
    (CNN) -- The three men spent 18 years behind bars for a brutal crime they said they did not commit. Locked away for life -- with one of them sentenced to death -- the men thought they would never experience freedom again.
    They had been imprisoned for the brutal 1993 murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. Evidence against the men was circumstantial, however, and doubts grew over the years about their guilt.
    Finally, nearly two decades after the crime, the men were allowed to walk free last month, the result of a complicated plea agreement requiring them to plead guilty even while declaring their innocence.

    The men came to be known as the West Memphis Three. Two of them spoke to CNN's Piers Morgan in an interview that aired Thursday -- their first sit-down interview since their release.
    "I hadn't seen daylight in almost a decade. I hadn't been exposed to sunlight ... for almost 10 years," Damien Echols told Morgan about his life on death row, where he lived in isolation in a concrete cell, his food passed to him through a slot in a solid steel door.
    "The only thing you can do to maintain your sanity is to not think about the case and not think about what's happening to you," Echols said.
    "You have to create your own world in there or you'll go insane from that stuff."
    Echols still squints in bright light, the result of living for years in a dimly lit cell. When he left prison and saw daylight for the first time in a decade, Echols said, "it was like having a spotlight turned right in your face. It was extremely bright."

    Echols' friend and co-accused, Jason Baldwin, said he spent the first few years of incarceration being beaten up by fellow inmates, who targeted a man they thought was a child-killer.
    He said he suffered a shattered skull and broken collar bone, had teeth knocked out, and was left with scars on his face.
    "But as the years progressed and people got to know me, and as the documentaries (about the men's plight) came out and stuff, the curses turned into prayers," Baldwin said. "Those fights turned into hugs."
    Baldwin, Echols, and a third man -- Jesse Misskelley, who declined to take part in the interview -- were imprisoned for the slayings of second-graders Steven Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore.
    The boys' mutilated bodies were left in a ditch, hogtied with their own shoelaces. Prosecutors argued that the defendants -- teenagers at the time -- were driven by satanic ritual and that Echols had been the ringleader.
    Echols and Baldwin said that at the time, they were targeted for being different from the rest of their peers in the small town where they lived.

    They read different books, wore different clothes, and had different haircuts.
    "The evidence against us was our personal preferences in music," Baldwin said. "I remember at one point during the trial, they lifted up a record, a Blue Oyster Cult record, and I think (prosecutor) John Fogleman said this was found in Damien's girlfriend's mother's house."
    Critics of the case against the men argued that no direct evidence tied them to the murders, and that a knife recovered from a lake near the home of one of the men could not have caused the boys' wounds.
    More recent DNA testing also demonstrated no links, according to the men's supporters, who included actors Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder and singers Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.
    Echols said their support was "uplifting" and brought attention to their case, ultimately leading to their release.
    Now, the men are having to get used to elements of modern life such as computers, the internet, and cell phones, things that most others take for granted. Even ordering a simple cup of coffee is different now.
    "At one point, I went to a coffee shop and they were like, what kind of coffee do you want? And I'm like, kind of coffee?" Baldwin said.
    The two have been out of prison for a month and a week. Baldwin says he now works for a construction company that's helping him get on his feet again, and he's learning how to drive.
    Echols says he hasn't yet found a job but is interested in pursuing visual art. He got married while in prison to Lorri Davis, a woman who took up his cause and started writing him letters in prison.
    She said they are still fighting for the real perpetrators to be brought to justice.
    "We want to discover who did this," Davis said. "That's the most important thing."

    Decades without daylight: 'West Memphis Three' describe life in prison -

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    Oh, so they're going to look for the real killers now?
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    How horrific living like that if you're innocent. I think it's a horrid way to keep anyone (complete isolation, no daylight etc) even if they're guilty, but if you're innocent... Ugh.

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    I'm really pleased that they have been released although I am also disgusted at the circumstances by which it came about. I hope that they are able to clear their names fully some day. Sadly I think the tremendous fuck-ups in the handling of the investigation means that we'll not see anyone else brought to trial let alone convicted. I'd love to know what makes the suspicious stepfather so special that the authorities seem to want to pay him no attention, even though there seems to be more evidence pointing to him than the men who were ultimately convicted.
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