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Thread: Teen Killer Who Bragged About ‘Killing People’ on MySpace Sentenced to Life

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    ^ How is she a serial killer? She murdered one person.

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    just another freak in the freak kingdom


    ^^imo, basically, she had only murdered one person YET. She has the pathology--the planning, the ritual, the pleasure response to killing, the lack of remorse--of a serial murderer. She simply got apprehended too quickly to rack up more victims. Bear in mind she originally dug two graves and was apparently planning to murder both her brothers. She had ambitions and ideas. So I guess one could call her an incipient or potential serial killer. But to me, yeah, she fits the model. Whereas someone who just flips out and kills another girl in a jealous rage over a boy, for instance--not the same thing. I think this girl's diary entry is pretty crucial. The pleasure response thing, calling a violent, stone cold killing fun with apparent sincerity--that is a red flag.
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    ^^ I agree with this, plus she enjoyed torturing her brothers.

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    Well, at least now she won't be blowing up a house with her two hacked up children inside in 15 years or so.
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