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Tuesday, April 5th 2011
Heroes To Us All: The Slut Walkers Of The Slut Walk!


This highly important international news story that is relevant to all of our interests is one that I missed yesterday, but thankfully some of your asses won't let me miss it. Because if there's something I love, it's a SLUT WALK (or as Taylor Momsen calls it, "Sunday"). It all started when a fucknotted piece of chewed up dumb (official name: Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti) told students at Toronto's York University that if women don't want to get raped, they shouldn't dress like sluts. This inspired three 20-something girls to fight for the right to dress like a Jodie Marsh by organizing a gigantic Slut Walk in front of police headquarters on Sunday afternoon.

Thousands of women put on their favorite whore uniforms and protested against the constable trying to keep a good slut dresser down. Just because a hereho's titties are hiked up to her nostrils and her pussy lips are waving under her skirt in the wind, doesn't give anybody the right to reach out and touch them without an invitation. Ben Roethlisberger just exploded into a GHB-laced ball of confusion.

I fully support every slut's right to freely dress like a proud slut whenever and wherever she wants without fear! Some people get a smile in their heart when they see a freshly bloomed flower reaching toward the sun, but I get a smile in my heart when I see a for real ho struttin' down the stroll in lucite stilts and a double titty souffle spilling out of her latex corset. That image is my flower!

That being said, they should've asked me to curate this Slut Walk event, because some of those outfits..... Are you really going to wear your junior high school knit hoodie with a pair of lace hose?! Get thee to a Frederick's outlet and fix yourself! I love a slut, but I don't love a sloppy slut. Call me next year!
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