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Thread: Promising athlete no longer wants to eat pretzels due to harsh jail sentence

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    I can't imagine anyone at the local Y would be happy sharing the pool with a registered sex offender.

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    yup. haha.

    but let's see how long it takes for him mom to write a letter to the community on brock's behalf. "it's so unfair to ostracize our son due to bad decisions made by *two* people".
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    He could always swim at a public pool, but if he's smart he will stay home for a LONG ass time. I still can't fathom the "20 minutes of action" comment his dad wrote. It's stunning in it's ignorance.
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    Why does anyone assume he wants to find a place to swim? His swim career is over, he's basically banned from competition for life, right? He's the fucking Tonya Harding of swimming.

    Here's your pool, asshole. Enjoy.

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    In a way, the light sentence ruined his life more than a longer sentencing would have.
    He is not only a rapist, he is a rapist that did not serve enough for his crime, so the public will give him the punishment he deserves, at least I hope so.
    His probably well-meaning (idiot, asshole) father did dig his grave with the horrible statements he made.

    My hope is that this poor white boy will rot in society hell for the "20 minutes of action", while the worlds smallest violin plays for him.
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    I agree. I believe Brock's life is ruined and his future prospects bleak due to three specific things that occurred in this scenario. (Apart from the fact that he is a horrible sadistic sick rapist pig) 1- His father's "20 minutes of action" comment that has horrified and will continue to horrify the world every time his name is mentioned. 2- The judges ridiculously lenient sentence and him getting out early and 3- The eloquent, brave and yet heart breaking letter the victim read out at the trial that went viral. Stick a fork in him - he's done.

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    The rapist isn't safe either. I wonder if his parents will fork over funds to guard his worthless ass everywhere he goes? There are people who would have no problem capping his ass or kicking it to the point of vegetation. I like either idea. I think Dad needs his due as well. Mom is a moron and I hope this ruins her medical practice. The Turners are the types who support Trump. Scary.

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    I can't believe that the judge who sentenced him is still allowed to be a judge. He had an opportunity to change the law and he blew it by upholding this trashy creeps privilege.
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    We had a judge removed from the bench by the judicial qualifications commission for less imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofty Bike View Post
    In a way, the light sentence ruined his life more than a longer sentencing would have.
    He is not only a rapist, he is a rapist that did not serve enough for his crime, so the public will give him the punishment he deserves,.

    For one, he is one of the few, if not the only rapist I know by face, and I live on the other side of the world! Here people are commenting on FB, which is super, since the coconut island where I live still has a lot to do for woman's right. Here they make the rapist marry his victim........

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