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Thread: Police Search Father's Workplace for Remains of Missing North Carolina Girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    WTF? 100 is average.
    I gave him added points for the check kiting.

    Although, if he's as dim as I suspect, and Eliza is as manipulative and controlling, she could have been behind a lot of the financial shenanigans, using joint accounts, and the cops charged him with whatever they could for leverage.

    But yeah, trot him in front of a jury, and they'd be thinking, Two weeks? Two weeks he fell for a couple of pillows under a blanket? And a lame ransom note in his wife's handwriting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    ^ So, the dad Adam said this? When for all intents and purposes it appears that he let this other woman treat his daughter like a punching bag before she finally killed her? To me, it seemed like he had every opportunity to stop this slow train wreck from happening.

    By the way, in addition to being stupid, this guy had faced multiple serious charges unrelated to his daughter's disappearance, including "assault with a deadly weapon and failure to return rental property, two counts of communicating threats and five counts of writing worthless checks". So he was a bad guy all around.

    Earlier in the thread they say that the biological mom, Emily Dietrich, had surrendered Zara to Adam because she suffered from post natal depression. But it also appears that Adam had Zara for 8 years in Australia before he moved to the U.S. with Elisa. I guess I'm wondering whether Emily Dietrich was still suffering from depression after 8 years, and why she didn't protest Adam taking her daughter something like 9,000 miles away.
    Yes, Adam baker is no prize. I read that he didn't know the abuse was happening, but I think he knows more than he claims. The charges were primarily used to keep him from fleeing the country. When his case went before a judge, the INS got an anonymous tip that he was here illegally. It is believed that call came from the sheriff's office. According to police, Adam Baker kept moving from place to place so Emily Dietrich couldn't find them. She said she tried to find Zahra, but he moved too often for her to keep up.

    Elisa Baker is in my town waiting for a trial for federal drugs charges. Hopefully, they will keep her in jail even longer.

    ETA: Zahra's mother didn't know she was in NC until after Zahra went missing.

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