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Thread: Police look for ex-LAPD cop in shootings

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    ^ That's so awful, it's not surprising in the least since reporters can be scum, but I do feel bad for his mother. Her son sounded like a nut, but I am sure she loved him and is living a nightmare right now. Ugh.

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    ^^ i agree. that is just so low to bang on his mother's door.

    Chris Dorner Body Not Yet Identified (MAJOR UPDATE)

    Los Angeles Police Department told reporters that no body has been identified in the cabin in which Christopher Dorner was believed to have been hiding, following a shootout and fire.

    "No body has been located yet," Commander Andrew Smith said, telling reporters that the building was still too hot for investigators to enter.

    "That burned cabin has not even been entered by investigators yet," Smith said. "We are still on a holding pattern to search that."

    Earlier reports had indicated that a body had been identified.


    Chris Dorner Body Not Yet Identified (MAJOR UPDATE)
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    I can't find a link to the article yet, but they just announced on the local news that the women that were shot while delivering newspapers reached a settlement. $4.2 million is the number they're saying.
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