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Thread: Ohio school shooter, wearing 'KILLER' T-shirt, sentenced to life in prison

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    She only gets to be killed if she wears 'Killer' clothing and tells the family of the little evil murdering thug that she masturbates to the memory of killing him.

    *and fuck, I don't know what the hell is up with Ohio lately. Really reaching past Florida for the CRAZYSTATE! brass ring. Also did you hear we want to prosecute and then execute That damn Groundhog in Pennsylvania? From Butler county-conservative northern Cincinnati-figures. Boehner country. SMDH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuth View Post
    Why waste resources on this motherfucker? He is guilty, not mentally ill and is pretty fucking proud of his actions. Just euthanise his worthless ass.
    This is what I never understand about the legal 'definition' of sanity, though. If this isn't fucking mental illness then what IS? This guy's brain is as far from normal as Cleveland is from Alpha Centauri.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylkyn View Post
    He won't get any kind of prison justice. They'll put his ass in solitary and he'll rot there for years and look just as smug then as he does now.
    Probably true, unfortunately.

    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    He's not going to solitary I don't think, he's no one special. Jeffrey Dahmer was kept in protective custody and they still managed to shank him.
    Yeah, but he's done his best to completely shock and outrage the entire world. I've read many instances of serial/mass/spree killers being kept in solitary for a while upon going to prison--Dahmer and also Dennis Rader aka BTK are examples that come to mind--they say it's for 'their protection'. Ohhhhkay. Eventually he'll get what he deserves, though: the society of his peers.

    Dahmer was isolated for the first year or so, but he was on a janitorial work detail w/two other murderers when one of them, Christopher Scarver, beat him to death with a broomstick. They'd been left unattended just long enough. People later said they'd seen Dahmer goading Scarver (who was overtly psycho) prior to the incident, so it's theorized he committed "suicide by inmate."

    Tangentially, I did hear a funny rumor a year or two ago--well, I laughed--and apologies if I've posted it before, but there was a rumor that over at San Quentin, Richard Ramirez managed to shank Scott Peterson good a while back. Only useful thing Ramirez ever did.
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