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Thread: Ohio Man Jailed for Mocking 10-Year-Old Girl with Cerebral Palsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    In the US, you can be charged with making a threat to physically harm someone - especially, if the victim reasonably believes the other person will carry out the threat.
    OK, I also kept thinking the aggravated menacing had to do with taunting the girl.
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    I could have gone with harassment, but whatever they got him on is fine with me.

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    What a fine example of adulthood he has set. I am not sure a person like him can ever be fixed.
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    This is what really gets me ----> "I didnít realize the impact this incident would have upon both of our families and I truly regret it.Ē"
    He is only apologizing for no other reason than obviously his own family is getting flack for his behavior. He probably grew up a bully and got away with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    What a fine example of adulthood he has set. I am not sure a person like him can ever be fixed.
    ..and to think there is a mini-me of him growing up.

    From age 3-7, I had to take a special bus (yes, the short bus! lol) that transported me far from home daily to a school for the deaf and on that bus were children of various disability going their own school. Every disability you could imagine; blind,deaf, cerebral palsy,down's syndrome, paraplegic. I can still remember their faces and we were just kids, normal kids! I've been bullied. They were bullied. It's part of life as a person with a disability but as an adult now I can honestly say ....fukin' dirt shytbags like this asshat pisses me off royally.

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