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I think the scariest of serial killers for me are the ones that stalk and enter your home. Outside of your "element," say, walking down the street, or walking to your car, or even being parked out in your car with your boyfriend or whatever .... I don't know, I just never have felt completely at ease in those situations (but I am paranoid and a true crime buff, so I've read a LOT about serial killers). But being in your home, the place you're supposed to feel your safest ... and someone breaks that sanctity ... that's what scares me the most about that style of a killer.
Ugh, totally agree. Which is why the BTK guy in Kansas was so terrifying--Dennis Rader, aka Denny the Dogcatcher (he really was a compliance officer...!) Truly the classic prowler/peeping Tom/home invasion-style rapist and killer. I sometimes wonder how his ex-wife and children are making out. I know the ex had a nervous breakdown and his son was described as suicidal at one point. You have to feel sorry for people who lived with a monster for so long, all unknowing--and I do believe they didn't know, too; Rader had all the self-control and slick exterior Ramirez could never muster.

Shinola, that was a great article!! thanks! I've read such varying figures on how many socio/psychopaths live amongst us, but it is pretty clear that time and time again the number's tested higher with inmate populations. No big surprise.

I've been having this very creepy thought about Ramirez for days now. All the more, at the moment, due to this statistic:

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Pure Evil:

His Killing Spree Terrorized Los Angeles:

Ramirez's 1985 killing and rape spree continued:
  • July 20, Chitat Assawahem, 31, was shot and his wife Sakima, 29, was beaten then forced to perform oral sex. Ramirez then collected $30,000 in valuables, but before leaving, he sodomized the couple's eight-year-old son.
Exactly ONE MONTH TO THE DAY before Mei Leung's murder, Kevin Collins vanished from a street corner mere minutes across town from Mei's apartment building.

I mean...how many child-killing monsters could there've been right there in San Francisco in that one month in history? What's the likelihood? I think one has to consider the possibility that Kevin was another Ramirez victim. That he was never found could just be dumb chance. Back then, we didn't have an organized set of routines in place to search for missing kids. (Like with that poor little girl who recently vanished in Florida; law enforcement stated they routinely search landfills now when kids go missing, and sure enough, that's where her body was found.)