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Thread: Neighbor mows lawn late, gets shot in the face and run over with the mower

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    I them quite often at my job and it is a suicide vest.
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    It seems I have years where I have the most wonderful neighbors and then every few years, I get the neighbors from hell. Going through hell right. I think they killed my dog, but I can't prove a thing. But she loves to yell at any of my family members for just breathing. It made me think of a time when my daughter was alive that my daughter came home and said, "Woo whew what a bitch that woman is!" LOL. All of the other neighbors came over and sent me cards when she passed, but not that cunt next door. Evil, pure evil. Poor lady that got shot. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    What's he DOING?
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    OMG. I've wanted to kill my neighbors that mow their lawn at 6am on weekends, but I never have (and never will).
    You obviously have not lived in Iowa during a snowstorm. Snowblowers starting at 5am. When everything's already been cancelled and you're just thinking, "Where the fuck do you have to go at 5am?"
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    No, I haven't! Lifelong Jersey Girl, but we have snowstorms and snow blowers too. We're pretty much mid East Coast, and we have all four seasons without a doubt.

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