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Thread: Murder on Myspace

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    I'm not surprised about the gay kid's parents being fucked up enough to send him to straight camp. Why? Because he lives in Bartlett, Tn. It's a tight-assed suburb of the Memphis area (one of a few) and I'm very familiar with it, as my husband grew up there and has parents still living there. I also dated a guy in college who was from there and probably still lives there. I wouldn't doubt if they were members at Bellvue Baptist Church. Even though it's one of a bazillion churches in the area it's THE big daddy of the baptist churches, in that area, in a huge obnoxious building the size of an arena or a Galleria Mall with three gigantic spotlit crosses practically the size of one of the federal buildings in downtown Memphis. They glow ominously, visible from the interstate, as the church is located right off an exit. It's supposed to be some kind of big deal to be a member. If I worshiped money and had a complete lack of scruples, I'd start my own church. Biggest and best rackets in history! Legal and tax-free too.
    MrsD I live a few hours away from this area, and although I have never attended this church, am very familiat with it. You can't be from this area and not be.
    The idea of attending a church with 30,000 members is not my idea of personal attention, which I think is imperative in the church family. It is nice that you know everyone and they know you as well. When the pastor can call you by name, it makes you feel do you even recognize 30 thousand people?
    The founder, Dr Adrian Rogers passed away a few weeks he is a local "celebrity" the news stations gave him alot of air time...

    As far at this area being uptight-I would have to agree. They have so many ideas of how "real life" should to know how many of them live that good life...

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    That girl logged in, today, too!! Freaky!

    As far as homeschooling, I don't think it's necessarily bad. My friend homeschooled her son for a year or so when they lived in a different state, because she didn't like the education he was getting. The notes home to parents would even have misspellings in them! She was involved in a non-religious homeschooling group- and she had her kids in a lot of activities. They still played with the neighbor kids, too. Her kid is kind-of "young", but he was while he was in school, too, so it wasn't homeschooling that caused it. I send my daughter to a private school, in part to shelter her on purpose. She still knows a lot about life because her dad was a wife beater and a cheater and his girlfriend is TRASH and a user. I am open and honest with her about life and consequences to actions. However, I don't want her going to school and learning a lot of bad habits and getting pressured to dress like a Bratz doll! I can understand why parents would want to homeschool.

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