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Thread: Munchausen Murder

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    I remember following the Facebook page about this when it first happened, then lost interest after a while.
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    Erin Lee Carr's New True-Crime Documentary to Air on HBO (Exclusive)

    10:00 AM PDT 10/27/2016 by Gregg Kilday

    Dustin Cohen
    Erin Lee Carr

    'Mommie Dead and Dearest' focuses on a 2015 murder case in which a wheelchair-bound girl was charged with murdering her mother.

    HBO Documentary Films will present director Erin Lee Carr’s new true-crime documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest in March, it was announced Thursday.

    In her last film, Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop, Carr explored the case of Gilberto Valle, who was dubbed the "Cannibal Cop" by the New York tabloids. In her new film, she takes on another case that triggered lurid headlines, the case of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

    Blanchard, who lived with her ailing, wheelchair-bound daughter, Gypsy Rose, was found stabbed to death in her home in Springfield, Mo., in June 2015, and her daughter was charged with the crime, which led investigators to discover a pattern of deception that involved child abuse and mental illness. The film, which includes exclusive prison access to Gypsy Rose, also examines the psychological condition known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

    “I am thrilled to be back at home with the team at HBO to bring this incredibly complex case and tragic story to audiences,” said Carr.

    In addition to directing Mommy Dead and Dearest, Carr produced the film along with Andrew Rossi. For HBO, Sara Bernstein served as senior producer, and Sheila Nevins was executive producer.

    Erin Lee Carr's 'Mommy Dead and Dearest' to Air on HBO | Hollywood Reporter

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    i'll be there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brah View Post
    ^according to the story, she wouldn't allow him to see Gypsy. They'd plan to meet, but dee dee would cancel or not show.
    . Dee Dee kept Rod updated on his daughter’s whereabouts and medical circumstances. She did this even as she told doctors and new friends in Missouri that he was a drug addict who had abandoned his daughter. Meanwhile, Rod and Kristy spoke to Gypsy pretty often. They always planned to visit, but “for one reason or another, it would never work out,” Rod said.
    i blame Rod the most for not trying harder. He had her address. If I had suspicions my daughter was in a bad situation, NOTHING would keep me away, and I would not rest until I got to the bottom of it. It was nice of him to pay child support and buy her a wii and everything, but geez, he hadn't seen her in over 10 years. That fits my definition of a deadbeat.
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    Well, Dee Dee seemed to move around a lot (doctor shopping probably) and that would be pretty hard to plan a trip around if it were several states away. Especially if D was lying about her whereabouts. Maybe the father was complacent sending money, talking occasionally to his daughter, and trusted her mother to take care of her.
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    Dad Embraces Daughter Who Killed Her Abusive Mom: ‘She’ll Always Have a Home’

    The father of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the 25-year-old woman serving 10 years in prison for plotting her mother’s murder, says he understands why she had her mother killed.

    The twisted saga is the subject of an upcoming HBO documentary, Mommy Dead and Dearest, airing on May 15 and featured in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

    “Yeah, it’s wrong, and there were other options that Gypsy had — which she tried some of those avenues and they didn’t work out,” says her father, Rod Blanchard. “Bad as it sounds, she [Gypsy’s mom] asked for what she got.”

    Dee Dee Blanchard, 48, was found stabbed to death by Springfield, Missouri, authorities on June 14, 2015, after concerned friends said they saw troubling posts on her Facebook account. One read, “the Bitch is dead.”

    More troubling was that, at the time of Dee Dee’s murder, Gypsy appeared to be missing. Neighbors told authorities that she had leukemia and muscular dystrophy. And she used a wheelchair, they said.

    But all was not as it appeared: Gypsy was arrested with her boyfriend a day later in Big Bend, Wisconsin, where police discovered that she could walk — and, in fact, appeared to be completely healthy.

    Doctors now say that Gypsy was the victim of a severe case of Munchausen by proxy, in which a guardian, in this case her mother, exaggerates or induces illness in a child for attention and sympathy.

    She and her mother had arrived in Springfield years earlier, claiming they fled from Hurricane Katrina, and authorities believe fraud was a motive: Dee Dee received a home built by Habitat for Humanity as well as trips to Disney World paid for by nonprofit foundations.

    According to Gypsy’s father, Dee Dee — whom he met, married and separated from before their daughter was born — had moved away from him with Gypsy and said he could only rarely see her, as he wasn’t equipped to handle her care.

    Gypsy and her boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, were charged with first-degree murder in connection with Dee Dee’s death. In July 2016, Gypsy pleaded guilty to second degree-murder.

    Godejohn is awaiting trial. He has argued he killed Dee Dee to free Gypsy.

    He has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting mental evaluation, a Greene County, Missouri, court clerk official tells PEOPLE. His attorney could not be reached for comment.

    “We still are learning [of new things] and amazed at some of the things that went on,” Rod tells PEOPLE.

    For example, Dee Dee forced Gypsy to shave her head, so as to appear she was on chemotherapy, and take unnecessary medications that induced symptoms of other illnesses. Even doctors believed the doting mother, who never let Gypsy out of her sight.

    Today, as Gypsy serves her prison sentence, Rod and his wife, Kristy, say they will be there for her when she’s released.

    “She’ll always have a home here,” Rod says. “We’ll put her on the right path.”

    Mommy Dead and Dearest airs May 15 on HBO.

    Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Dad on Her Mom's Murder
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    15 minutes by proxy?

    (Sorry, sorry ��- I have the cluster headache from hell today.)

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    Thanks for the reminder about the documentary. DVR is set!
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