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Thread: Miami 'zombie' attacker may have been using 'bath salts'

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    not sure if this was posted before so i didn't want to open a new thread. the video is crazy.

    Zombie Land! Teen High On Bath Salts Crashes in Truck (VIDEO)

    Posted 1 hour 32 min ago by Ishaw Thorpe for Global Grind Staff

    Listen, we all know what happens when you take bath salts. Nothing good.
    But in this shocking video, a teenager boy didn't get the memo is apparently high on bath salts. Not only that, it shows him having some type of seizsure or psychotic episode after he crashed his car into a fence and later into someone's truck.
    Taking place in Buffalo, New York, the person responsible for recording this says that he was trying to help the high teenager.
    But, he says that the teenager then tried to eat him.
    More proof that bath salts will cause World War Z? Ummm...yep!


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    Yikes. Sad and scary. When he tried to walk for a second it almost looked like he was on sherm.
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    That video, why....? What a stupid choice to take that drug.

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