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Thread: Men who use prostitutes that are forced into sex, rapists?

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    Default Re: Men who use prostitutes that are forced into sex, rapists?

    I don't think there's many that enjoy what they do. Most of them hate men, and no wonder. The vast majority of prostitutes were sexually abused as children, and have a lot of psychological problems as a result.

    It always makes me laugh when guys think a hooker gets off on them. It's called giving the customer what he wants -- letting him think he's in control when they're really just faking it. Most guys' egos are enormous and they simply can't comprehend that a woman they PAY for sex isn't getting off on it. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

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    Default Re: Men who use prostitutes that are forced into sex, rapists?

    My therapist used to be an FBI agent, and he was telling me that the sex slave trade is very, very active. A lot of the children and young women that go missing are sold overseas into white slavery, some of them purchased for sex toys by very rich men, some of them used to make porn, some of them used for smut films. It is very scary. I watch my children like a hawk!

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    Default Re: Men who use prostitutes that are forced into sex, rapists?

    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch
    I don't know. If they aren't aware that the women are forced into it, I just can't see it as rape. If they are aware, then they're dumb, evil pricks. Prostitution is a weird one...
    i agree. and they very well could be unaware. i mean, the girls are forced into prostitution, but once they're in a foreign country and basically depend on their pimp, i think they're scared enough not just of the pimp but of being deported, that they probably don't act like they're doing this against their will... i think you're wrong if you're imagining whimpering girls tied to a bed, that's why it's also not that easy to go after the people doing this and smuggling girls into countries.
    as for the men that go to prostitutes, you'd be surprised... respectable husbands and fathers, handsome men, young guys... in some countries it's basically a rite of passage for a young guy to lose his virginity to a prostitute, sometimes at the behest of his father...

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