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Thread: Massive Search for Kyron Horman, 7, Who Disappeared from School

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    Well, funnily enough I was wondering too.... and apparently its much more likely that he's been kidnapped by a family member....

    Statistics on Child Abduction

    Parents Fear Kidnapping More Than Car Accidents - What are the Odds?

    Sep 11, 2009 Lisa C. DeLuca
    Know Kidnapping Statistics - Gabriella Fabbri,

    Confronting the facts about child abduction, kidnapping and sexual assault of children can be unsettling, but gives parents some understanding of what to teach kids.

    Parents seem to fear kidnapping more than anything else. Some say that excessive television news coverage of child abduction causes parents to have a fear that is overblown. In 1999, only 115 children were abducted by strangers with the intent to keep, kill or hold them for ransom.
    Though horrifying for those 115 and for society as a whole, the number does seem small, especially considering that there are 40 million children in the US. This would place the odds of a child being kidnapped and held or killed by a stranger at 1 in 347,000.
    But statistics show that lots more children are taken by acquaintances or people they know, primarily for the purpose of sexually assaulting them, so the parental fear may not be as overblown as it seems.

    Confronting the fact that heinous crimes are committed against children probably makes people feel worse, regardless of whether the statistics show small or large numbers. But staying informed and knowing the facts can be useful when considering how to instruct children. Here are some statistics:
    According to the FBI and The US Dept. of Justice:
    • 800,000 juveniles (under 18) are reported missing each year, but this includes runaways.
    • "Family kidnapping" accounts for nearly 50% of all child kidnappings.
    • Approximately 80% of acquaintance and stranger kidnappings are sexually motivated.
    • For every 10,000 missing child reports (including runaways) around one child was killed, according to the U.S. Justice Department in 1990.
    29,000 Children Sexually Assaulted, Mostly Girls

    According to David Finkelhor, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire in conjunction with the United States Federal Justice Department, 58,000 children in 1999 were taken for short periods of time (i.e. not overnight) mostly by people they knew excluding relatives. Of those, nearly half were sexually assaulted and many were killed. (The report says “fewer than 1% were killed” but 1% of 58,000 is 580, a substantial number.) Nearly two-thirds of these abductees were girls, most of whom were teenagers.
    This is why children must be taught that they cannot trust every person just because they recognize them or know them. They should be taught to always trust their instincts and get themselves out of situations that make them uncomfortable.
    Non-Family Abductions Total 3,000 to 5,000 per Year

    According to the Amber Alert Registry, approximately 3,000 to 5,000 abductions each year are non-family abductions. Most of these cases are sexual assault cases. About 74% of the victims of non-family child abduction are girls. *and this case isn't an Amber Alert? Correct?
    Read on

    The Shergar Kidnapping
    The 1983 abduction of the record breaking colt Shergar remains an unsolved mystery.

    About 200 to 300 of these cases are the most serious cases where a child was murdered, taken with the intent to keep, or held for ransom. According to Finkelhor, only 115 cases of this type of kidnapping occurred in 1999. These children were taken by strangers or barely known acquaintances. While stranger abduction is the most uncommon, it is by far the most dangerous. Half of these children were sexually assaulted and 40% were killed.
    Abduction Usually Occurs Near the Child’s Home

    The Department of Justice revealed that in 80% of abductions by strangers, the first contact occurred and/or the abduction itself occurred within a quarter mile of the child's home. This implies that children may be watched by their abductor prior to being taken.
    Most victims are either forced or lured into the cars of the abductors. Never approaching a car should be a large focus of teaching safety to children.
    The typical victim in child abductions resulting in murders was 11 years old, white females in middle class neighborhoods, just like Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped at age 11 and recently reunited with her family after 18 years in captivity. This is according to a 1997 survey sponsored by the Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention or OJJDP.
    Where Kidnappings Occur

    A study conducted in 1999 by the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway Children or NISMART, found that in over 70% of stranger kidnapping victims were taken from outdoor areas like parks and playgrounds, and 7% were taken from public buildings like shopping malls.
    Of these cases, approximately 90% are committed by males who are between 20-40 years old. In these cases, the child is returned alive less than 60% of the time. 4% are never found.
    Most child abductions are perpetrated by family members. While the chances of a stranger abducting one’s child are slim, those who do get abducted by strangers are often sexually abused and killed. Many other children are detained or sexually assaulted by strangers, acquaintances or family members. Providing reasonable supervision to children and teaching kids to be safe without subjecting them to paralyzing fear is the difficult task of parents.

    © 2009 Lisa C. DeLuca
    So.... my question is..... have they checked the mother's house, family, friend, etc...?
    Free Charmed.

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    I still think the stepmum had something to do with it. Otherwise why lie about her whereabouts that day? Her mobile phone record placed her somewhere different to where she said she was. Plus the failed lie detector tests etc. If I was her and I was innocent I would not be keeping quiet while my image was being ruined in the press.

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    Did she lie about her whereabouts? Has that been verified by a reliable source?
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    JESUS H, nothing new on this?? More of God! Sorry for the bump, but I am still really thinking about this and just do not understand what in the hell happened to this kid!!!

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    you already know.


    im pretty upset over Norma Lopez here in the southern california area. i know many children go missing all the time and are never found or heard of again. it just kills me inside. one of the things that makes me the sickest is that if you're going to mess w/ a child sexually like a lot or most of them seem to do this shit for then why do you have to kill them after?! WHY? like that bastard who did awful things to Samatha Runnion and then killed her years ago here. at least let them go and try to live a life you sick bastards out there! ugh, its just heart wrenching. my thoughts go out to her family, but nothing will ever be the same for them again. when you do this to a child, you really kill a whole family. many couple split up after a child is killed, its just that unbearable an event.

    Police: Decomposed Body Is Missing SoCal Teen -

    RIP norma

    i hope for the best kyron

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    That child abduction article is absolutely fucking terrifying.

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    Where did the stepmum say she was when this went down?

    Her cell pinged at/near the island right? So it's possible she killed him and disposed of his body in the water, right?

    This bitch needs to go down. She knows something. It's sickening. She has no regard whatsoever for that kid. And of course she's a mother to more kids. It's disgusting.

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    Investigators put pressure on Terri Moulton Horman's friends, including DeDe Spicher
    Law enforcement investigating the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman have been putting pressure on a small circle of friends of his stepmom Terri Moulton Horman, including a 43-year-old Tualatin woman named DeDe Spicher.

    Investigators searched Spicher's condominium in Tualatin last week, and have interviewed people who saw Spicher on June 4, the day Kyron disappeared.

    Spicher was a visible presence at the Horman house after Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, moved out and filed for divorce and a restraining order against Terri Horman in late June. She also was seen driving Terri Horman to and from her attorney's office in downtown Portland.

    Detectives learned that Spicher, who shares Terri Horman's passion for fitness and gardening, was doing gardening work for a Northwest Portland homeowner on June 4. She abruptly left the house about 11:30 a.m. and didn't return until an hour to 90 minutes later.

    Another person working at the home called Spicher to come in for lunch, and the homeowner called Spicher on her cell phone but she wasn't reachable. Detectives have questioned both the homeowner and the other person who was working at the home that day.

    Messages left for Spicher and her parents were not returned Thursday.

    Kyron, a second-grader at Skyline School, was last seen at the school the morning of June 4. Terri Horman has told authorities she last saw him walking toward his classroom about 8:45 a.m. She had taken him to school earlier that morning for the school's science fair. The boy was not reported missing until after school when he didn't return home on the school bus.

    In a statement late tonight, Kaine Horman and Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, and Desiree's husband, Tony Young, said they had been briefed by law enforcement and believe Spicher is hampering the investigation. They implored her to cooperate.

    "She has not only been in close communication with Terri but has been providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son,'' the statement said. "Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron's disappearance, not to cooperate as well.''

    Spicher's next-door neighbor Kyle Gilpin said he came home about 5:30 p.m. last Thursday, and saw two law enforcement cars parked nearby and men wearing FBI jackets at Spicher's condo in Tualatin.

    "They were in and out of her condo," Gilpin said.

    Spicher has served as the president of the condo association, and since April, was selected to work for Portland "Grocery Gardening" author Jean Ann Van Krevelen's "Gardener to Farmer" Edible Gardening apprenticeship, learning gardening and cooking skills with the opportunity to take home a share of the harvest.

    Spicher is not the first person who has assisted Terri Horman in recent weeks to have been drawn into the investigation.

    Police said Michael Cook, who was also seen at the Horman home after Kaine Horman moved out, has been interviewed by authorities. Cook was a high school friend of Kaine Horman who showed up at the couple's home after Kyron disappeared.

    In a court filing seeking to hold Terri Horman in contempt of a judge's order that initially sealed the restraining order, Kaine Horman's attorney wrote that Terri Horman showed the restraining order to Cook, who took photos of it and did a Google map search of the temporary address where Kaine Horman had moved with his and Terri Horman's young daughter. Kaine Horman moved out June 26 after authorities informed him that Terri Horman had allegedly tried to hire a landscaper late last year to kill him.

    Authorities examined Cook's cell phone, found a photo of the restraining order and evidence that Terri Horman had been "sexting" him days after her husband filed for divorce, according to a court filing.

    Jack Levin, a criminology professor and co-director of Northeastern University's Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict, said the fact that authorities are now looking for evidence from friends associated with Kyron's stepmom indicates that either they suspect that if Terri Horman was involved in Kyron's disappearance she may have had help, or shared information with a friend or they are "grasping at straws" because they have a suspicion but no clear evidence or a confession.

    "I don't think it's so unusual for friends to help one another in a time of need, especially to come to the rescue of someone who has been accused in the court of public opinion of possibly doing something horrendous," Levin said.

    Here is the full statement from Kaine Horman, Desiree Young and Tony Young:

    "Good evening,

    "We have been briefed by law enforcement on the most recent developments in Kyron’s case. We have been informed that they have identified a person that has been in close communication with Terri Moulton Horman since Kyron went missing and her name is DeDe Spicher. She has not only been in close communication with Terri but has been providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son. Additional information provided shows that she is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, she is also going as far as to suggest to others that may have information regarding Kyron’s disappearance, not to cooperate as well. We implore DeDe Spicer (sic) to come forward and cooperate with the investigators in any way that they need in order to assist us in finding our son. We will state further that if we find out through the investigation that she caused a delay in us finding our son due to her lack of cooperation, we will pursue civil remedies in this matter.

    "We as a family cannot understand how anyone can look at Kyron’s smiling face, having information and choose not to help bring him home. Please remember what this is about, it’s about bringing a wonderful little boy back to his family.

    "Desiree, Tony, and Kaine"

    Investigators put pressure on Terri Moulton Horman's friends, including DeDe Spicher |
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    I'm so worried this will go cold. It sounds like they keep leaking stuff, trying to get Terri to crack and it's just not happening. I'm still suspicious of the dad too. Something's off about him. Wasn't he at the gym a day or two later as well?

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    This is an interesting timeline - it outlines everyone's activities on June 4th (the day Kyron disappeared).

    Kyron Horman case: Initial timeline for June 4th

    Posted on July 24th, 2010 by Valhall
    I have been working on an overall timeline for the Kyron Horman case, but I felt that with the recent reporting from KATU on what Terri Horman has alleged her activities were after leaving Skyline Elementary, we would focus in on June 4th and a preliminary timeline for that date. Each entry will be tagged with where it is coming from (i.e. Facebook, Terri, Kaine, etc.) I will also add some information from reports that may point to additional information for a particular timeframe. In other words, let’s start trying to connect some dots for June 4th.

    7:45 a.m. from Kaine Horman:

    Kaine leaves for work. He has a brief conversation with Kyron in the front yard. He wishes Kyron well on his Science Fair project and they talk of getting ice cream in celebration of his hard work after school. Kaine leaves in the red Mustang because Terri has requested the white F250 Ford pickup so that she can bring Kyron’s science fair project home from school. Note: Kaine’s statements reflect he thought that Terri would remain at the science fair until it was over and bring the project home at that time. However, Terri does not do this. She (and most likely Kyron) leave the school apparently before 9:00 a.m. without the project. She later emails Ms. Porter, Kyron’s second grade teacher asking when she could pickup the project. This email is not sent until the afternoon when Kaine is supposed to arrive back home from work, which means Terri never needed the pickup for the purpose she intended, since it would have been home with Kaine by the end of the school day.

    8:00 a.m. according to Kaine Horman:

    Kaine arrives at work.

    8:01 a.m. from Facebook:

    Terri is on computer playing Family Feud on Facebook. The following is posted on her Facebook wall due to that activity:
    Terri Moulton Horman
    Terri needs help to win Fast Money!!
    Terri could use help to win big prizes and points in Family Feud! Earn points by helping!
    First Fast Money Question:Name something you need when you give your dog a bath.
    June 4 at 8:01am via Family Feud · Comment · LikeUnlike · Help Terri Now
    8:15 a.m. reported to be according to Terri Horman:

    Terri, Kyron and (according to Kaine) Kiara arrive at Skyline Elementary. Note: Early reports state Terri and Kyron left his backpack and jacket in his classroom. Some reports state they left it on his desk, others state it was left in his locker. Both reports remain unconfirmed at this time. Between about 8:15 and sometime after 8:30 a.m. Terri and Kyron are seen by Gina Zimmerman, president of Skyline elementary PTA. Mr. Matt Shelby, spokesman for Portland School system, states that two teachers (Ms. Porter and a second teacher) see Terri and Kyron together at the school and “believe they left together”. Also during this time, Terri takes photos of Kyron and his good friend Kurtis by their science fair projects. Kurtis and his mother confirm seeing Terri and Kyron. Tyler Kessinger, a 7th grader at Skyline reports he saw Kyron at some point in the gym with friends. He also states at this time that Terri’s pickup was still in the parking lot. It is reported that at some point Terri tells Ms. Porter (“in a crowded auditorium” ) that Kyron has a doctor’s appointment, but this report remains unconfirmed. It is my belief the statement may have been made on Thursday, June 3rd, when Terri delivered Kyron’s project to the school. Terri states, through her friend Jaymie Finster, that she made the statement of the doctor’s appointment to Ms. Porter on the 3rd. The statement is made in what appears to be an intentionally confusing and vague manner as Kyron has an appointment “on Friday” allowing Terri to immediately state, once the statement was made public, that she meant the following Friday, June 11th. It is my contention Terri first told Kyron of the doctor’s appointment, and that they would need to leave school early, on their trip to the school. Kurtis, Kyron’s good friend and lunch buddy, states that Kyron told him he had a doctor’s appointment while Kyron was still at the school on the morning of June 4th.

    8:45 a.m. reported to be according to Terri Horman:

    Terri states she last saw Kyron in the hall walking toward his classroom. Terri Horman states she left Skyline elementary without Kyron at this time. Note: Early reports stated someone (possibly a student) thought they saw Kyron at approximately 9 a.m. near one of the Skyline exit doors. Since then law enforcement has stated that Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron. This points to the early reports of the 9 a.m. sighting being ruled out as untrustworthy by law enforcement. Tanner Pumala, in an interview given in the early days of the investigation, states he spoke with Kyron in the hall and Kyron told him that he was going back to look at a cool “electric” project. But Tanner also states (or implies) Kyron was in his small group of 6 children led by a “substitute teacher” to tour the science projects between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Tanner states that when the group of 6 returned to their classroom the substitute teacher noted that Kyron was missing by noticing “there were only 5″ children. Tanner states that when the substitute teacher makes this statement, Ms. Porter, who Tanner states is in the classroom, responds that Kyron probably went to the bathroom. At this time it appears Tanner’s account has not been confirmed and is in question as to accuracy. First there is the law enforcement statement that Terri was the last person to see Kyron. Second is Mr. Shelby’s statement that no substitute teachers were at Skyline elementary on June 4th (although, as previously explained this could have simply been an adult volunteer that a second grader assumed was a substitute). Third is that Terri was apparently gone well before 10:00 a.m. (apparently with Kyron) and hence the reason she did not take the project with her in the pickup because the fair wasn’t over when she left.

    10:00 a.m. reported to be according to Ms. Porter:

    Roll is taken for Kyron’s class and he is marked absent. No call to parents is made based on Ms. Porter’s assumption Kyron has gone with Terri to a doctor’s appointment.

    8:45 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. reported to be according to Terri Horman:

    Terri states she ran errands at local grocery stores and can prove it. Note: It has been reported that law enforcement has requested surveillance video for June 4th from a local Fred Myers (locally referred to as “Freddy’s” ) and an Albertson’s. The Freddy’s law enforcement is reported to have requested video from is located at 22075 NW Inbrie off Sunset and Hwy 26 in Hillsboro. From Terri’s Facebook account a Facebook friend by the name of “Sherry Griswold” posts on Terri’s wall often and prior to Kyron’s disappearance. On May 29, 2010 the following exchange takes place:
    Sherry Griswold
    To you and Kitty, you always make me smile
    May 29 at 10:17am
    Terri Moulton Horman
    Aww Sherry. You guys are the reason I come to that Freddy’s.
    May 29 at 10:18am
    Sherry Griswold
    we are happy about that, we just love you!!!!!!♥
    May 29 at 10:24am
    Question: Has Sherry Griswold been questioned? Since Terri publicly states she frequents one particular Freddy’s, and it is the one Sherry works at, was Sherry working on June 4th when Terri was there? Did they see each other during that visit? If Terri claims to have gone to a different Freddy’s, does she have a good reason for going to one that she did not typically visit as reflected in her Facebook comment?

    9:45 a.m. reported as a man who identifies himself as “Chas”:

    Chas states he was driving south on Hwy 30 at this time when a white F250 Ford pickup pulled out in front of him headed south. As he came along side he noticed the driver was a redheaded woman who he later learned was Terri Horman from news coverage. Chas states the pickup pulled out onto Hwy 30 from a side road “north of Logie Trail Rd”. Chas states he phoned in his sighting twice to the tipline.

    10:10 a.m. to 11:39 a.m. reported to be according to Terri Horman:

    Terri claims she drove around on rural roads trying to calm Kiara down because Kiara had an earache. Note: Well, isn’t that convenient? In the early stages of the investigation MCSO requests surveillance video from businesses and private properties along specific routes. The routes are numerous and envelope a large area of heavily forested land.
    • Northwest Cornelius Pass Road
    • Northwest Germantown Road
    • Northwest Logie Trail Road
    • Northwest Rocky Point Road
    • Northwest Skyline Road
    • Northwest 185th Avenue
    • Northwest West Union Road
    • Northwest Springville Road
    • Bethany Boulevard
    • Northwest Springville Road
    • Northwest Newberry Road
    • Northwest McNamee Road
    • Highway 30 from Northwest Rock Point to Germantown Road
    • Northwest Kaiser Road
    • Northwest Thompson Road
    • Northwest Laidlaw Road
    11:30 a.m. reported to be according to DeDe Spicher’s coworker and customer:

    DeDe Spicher, reported to have been a friend of the Hormans for 7 years, is reported to have been working with a coworker on a residential job near the Horman residence. At 11:30 the coworker and property owner state DeDe “abruptly left”. For the next hour to 90 minutes DeDe cannot be contacted on her cell phone. She is reported to have finally showed back up at the job location between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m.

    11:39 a.m. reported to be according to Terri Horman:

    Despite the fact she has just spent an hour and 29 minutes driving the back roads of NW Portland allegedly to sooth the pain of her daughter’s earache, Terri Horman states she arrived at a 24-hour Fitness center in Beaverton on Waterhouse Avenue and worked out for an hour until 12:40 p.m. Note: It is assumed that Kiara – along with her earache – was dropped off in the childcare center at the fitness center. Important point here…this period of time coincides almost exactly with the time DeDe Spicher is “missing” from the job location. There are two questions to keep in mind here: 1…while Kiara may have been dropped at the childcare center, did Terri in fact remain at the fitness center and work out or did she slip out for an hour? 2…since Terri and DeDe have similar appearances, did DeDe conveniently show up and work out for an hour while Terri slipped away in order to set up a confusing situation with a slightly overweight redheaded woman working out in the gym during this period?

    1:21 p.m. from Facebook:

    Terri posts the pictures she took that morning of Kyron with his science fair project. Around this same time she sends an email to Ms. Porter asking when she can pick up the science fair project. Note: The email to Ms. Porter not only doesn’t make sense, it was absolutely unnecessary. Terri had been at the school that morning. The assumption would be, since she didn’t stick around until the end of the fair to take the project, that the project could be picked up at the end of the school day. There was no need to send an email to a teacher in the middle of a busy school day asking when the project could be picked up. Odds are that Terri (being active as a former teacher and as a substitute and volunteer at Skyline) knew full well that Ms. Porter would be unable to respond until the end of the school day anyway. This email is an apparent attempt to establish Terri thinks “nothing is wrong”.

    1:45 p.m. according to Kaine Horman:

    Kaine leaves work to work the rest of the day at home. Note: There has been no sign that this was a last minute decision. Based on Kaine’s reported statement to Kyron that morning that they would go for ice cream after school, and based on the fact Desiree has since revealed that Kyron was scheduled to make a 3-1/2 to 4 hour trip to Medford to stay with his mom and stepdad, it is apparent to this writer that Kaine intended all along to be home before Kyron got home from school in order to go for the ice cream shortly afterwards. Again, this is important since Terri appears to have never intended to pick up the project prior to Kaine arriving back home and therefore there was no BENIGN reason for her taking the pickup that morning.

    2:00 p.m. according to Kaine Horman:

    Kaine arrives home from work. Terri and Kiara are at the house. Kaine works until about 3:30 p.m.

    3:30 to 3:35 according to Kaine Horman:

    Kaine states he and Kiara walked to the bus stop with Terri following slightly behind. Some reports state Kaine or Terri or both had the bus driver phone back to the school at which point the bus driver informs them the school had Kyron marked absent all day. Other reports have Terri phoning the school secretary at which time Terri is informed Kyron was marked absent all day. Note: It is assumed that Kaine, Terri and Kiara all head to the school at this point based on statements made later by Desiree. Desiree states she was phoned by the school secretary and informed that Kyron had been missing all day. She states Terri was standing there with the school secretary during this phone call. Desiree states she hung up from the conversation with the secretary and immediately called Terri on her cell phone.
    3:46 p.m. reported to be from Skyline elementary staff, law enforcement records and Desiree:
    School secretary Susan Hall places 911 call and reports Kyron missing to authorities. Susan then calls Desiree and informs her of Kyron’s missing status. Desiree speaks with Terri immediately afterward on Terri’s cell phone. Desiree states she was immediately concerned because statements Terri made during that phone call didn’t make sense.

    4:33 p.m. reported to be from MCSO records:

    Investigation into Kyron’s missing person case formerly begins when Portland Police and MCSO officers arrive simultaneously at both Skyline elementary and Horman residence.


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    The Hinky Meter » Blog Archive » Kyron Horman case: Initial timeline for June 4th

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    you already know.


    they were showing more pictures of the smiling little guy on cnn last nite and i just couldn't take it anymore, i was crying like a baby just thinking about this light being put out by some monster. whoever did this to him deserves the worst and they're going to get it.

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    Thanks for the time line post, Wiseguy.

    It's exactly the kind of detail I was curious about. Poor little kid.


    Terri's "alibi": Who drives a baby around for an hour and a half to soothe an earache?

    My 24-Hour-Fitness has surveillance tapes in the parking lot and in the gym.

    Bitch planned this. But what was her motive?

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    Police May Be Close to an Arrest in Case of Missing Oregon Boy, Former Sheriff Says

    Published July 26, 2010

    June 11: Terri and Kaine Horman stand together at a news conference in Portland, Oregon, concerning the disappearance of Kaine's son Kyron.

    After fielding thousands of tips, police investigating the case of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman are reportedly preparing to make an arrest.
    “Several persons that have been interviewed by detectives are coming out of those interviews indicating that the investigators are telling them that they right now have probable cause to arrest Terri Horman, on both the solicitation of murder of Kaine [Kyron's father] and as well as in connection with Kyron’s disappearance,” Retired Multnomah County sheriff's Capt. Bruce McCain told Fox News.
    The former gardener of Terri Horman has accused her of trying to hire him to kill her now-estranged husband, Kaine Horman.
    Having probable cause, McCain said, indicates police have enough evidence to arrest and indict Horman, but “there’s probably not going to be an imminent arrest unless the district attorney feels that he has a case that he can take to trial and get a conviction or guilty plea.”
    McCain says charges in a murder-for-hire plot could be pursued as a separate matter, but in the case of Kyron, the boy himself remains the missing link.
    “They really first need to determine whether he’s alive or dead to figure out what kind of criminal charges to pursue,” McCain said.
    Authorities say Terri Horman was the last person to see 7-year-old Kyron before he vanished from Portland's Skyline Elementary School on June 4.
    Police have now returned to the school to further their investigation. - Police May Be Close to an Arrest in Case of Missing Oregon Boy, Former Sheriff Says

    I wonder why they keep going back to the school for 'further investigating"...

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    Yea, I'm wondering why they keep going back to the school too. MUST be a reason.

    God I hope they find this kid....

    And the stepmom should fry just for doing those stupid games on FB. Probably into Farmville and Cafe World too. Kill her.

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